After an intense sweat session, it’s tempting to skip the cooldown and head straight for the showers. Big mistake. Taking your stretching just as seriously as the rest of your workout makes for a much safer, complete routine.  

Body Machine Fitness trainers start every class with the kind of stretching your body needs before a HIIT workout. Dynamic movements, like lunges, squats, or knee hugs get your muscles ready for the functional moves you can expect in class. Static stretches, where you elongate the muscles and hold, help the muscles recover after 45 minutes of  explosive movement.  

Stretching is critical for maintaining our mobility, range of motion, and functional movement throughout our lives. Read on to learn more about the importance of stretching whether it’s attached to a Body Machine Fitness class, other workout, or simply to unwind.  

4 Excellent Reasons to Stretch Any Time 

  1. Reduce Risk of Injury 

Stretching at least 2-3 times per week, but preferably daily, helps your muscles get used to moving without any assistance. This is crucial for avoiding and preventing injuries because your body treats repeated explosive movements as if it’s an injury. It’s that old, “no pain, no gain” mentality but at a cellular level. Because your body thinks it’s hurt, it tries to limit your range of movement. As a BMFer, you’re going to need your full range of motion, so we don’t skip out on stretches.  

  1. Boost Mobility

You might be thinking, isn’t mobility the same thing as flexibility? It might be a surprise but they actually refer to different phenomena in the body. Where flexibility refers to your muscles, mobility applies to your joints. Mobility is another key factor determining your range of motion. When our in-house DJ starts cranking out your jam, believe us, you’re going to want that full range of motion to really pump it up. 

  1. Reduce Inflammation 

Deep down your body loves you, but it does some not cool things it thinks will protect you. When you get that heart pumping, the endorphins rushing, and those muscles popping, your body reacts as though it’s injured and cranks up the inflammation to keep you from moving anymore. Stretching reduces that inflammation so you can continue coming to class in top form all week long. 

  1. Get Stronger

When you stretch properly and consistently before a workout, the result is a body that’s more flexible, more mobile, and more prepared for the kind of high-energy workouts we live for at Body Machine Fitness. All that flexibility and mobility means it’s actually easier to break through your perceived limits, and all that barrier breaking means you’re getting stronger and more powerful.  

It’s Not Over Until We Stretch 

Don’t worry if your flexibility is lacking. With our help, you’ll see it improve quickly. Every 45 minute Body Machine Fitness session begins and ends with the stretching your body needs to receive the full benefit of the workout. Plus, our bad-ass BMF trainers will work with you should you need any adjustments or accommodations. So stretch out of your usual routine and sign up for a group fitness class in Plano or Fort Worth 


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