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Upper Body Tone

What if a workout could do more than change your body?

What if it could rewire your brain?At BMF, we deliberately design our workouts to facilitate the kind of dopamine release that shifts the way you experience exercise, and Thursday’s Upper Body Tone Class is no exception.

After two days of targeting other muscle groups, we revisit the upper body, but this time with a shift in focus to the accessory muscles. Unlike Monday’s Push/Pull class, where compound movements are central to the workout, UBT classes focus on single-joint isolation exercises to take your mobility and functionality to the next level. Prepare to sweat, smile, and strengthen your shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

As always— Upper Body Tone features the hypnotizing lights, the curated beats, and infectious energy you’ll find in Body Machine Fitness classes any other day of the week!



Thursdays are for Form and Function at Body Machine Fitness

When it comes to refining your upper body’s appearance and strength, incorporating single-joint isolation exercises can be a game-changer. These targeted movements focus on individual muscles, allowing you to sculpt and define your arms, shoulders, and chest. These so-called “secondary exercises” also help to strengthen the muscles that allow your joints to spin, roll, and glide with greater ease.

Upper Body Tone targets those muscles that will see our arms looking bigger, our shoulders rounder, our chest more defined, and overall strength greatly improved. Your BMF trainer will lead you through a comprehensive workout that finds these tricky muscles and makes them work for you, whether you are in our studio or out in your daily life.

Why It Works

These moves zero in on a specific muscle group, so you concentrate directly on its development without engaging surrounding muscles. This precision is ideal for enhancing muscle definition and rectifying imbalances. Whether you’re aiming to fill out your t-shirt sleeves or seeking better overall symmetry,

Upper Body Tone classes are your secret weapon.

An Immersive Muscle Tightening and Toning Experience

Did you know that you can rewire your brain so it craves exercise? Synchronized audio and lighting displays have been shown to activate our bodies’ pleasure centers with the rush of dopamine, endorphins, and other feel-good neurochemicals–it’s that same high we get from going to the club or a concert, but better for us. After repeated exposure–even just a few sessions–your brain will start to want more. You may yet become that gym rat you used to think was totally nuts (but looked undeniably great).

We’re More than a Gym. We’re a Community.

At Body Machine Fitness, working out is never a chore. And part of that is due to the close-knit community we’ve formed. We make working out feel like a social outing, a therapy session, and a dance party all at once. It’s this ineffable feeling of connection that keeps our community pumped and coming back every week. When you’re ready to join us, we’ll be waiting with open (and toned) arms.



We Make Showing Up Simple

If it’s your first time at Body Machine Fitness, your first class is free! We suggest you come in 20 minutes before class to get situated, meet your extremely supportive and motivating trainer, and get everything you will need for your first workout.

Tell your trainer if you have physical limitations or injuries! There is always a modification that can be made to accommodate you. BMF is for everyone and everybody, you included!

Finally, the most important thing to remember is- have fun! Don’t think too much. Everyone at BMF has your back. We are all about inclusivity, positivity, and sweat.

Feel The Groove. Change Your Body. Change Your Life.

Experience the world’s first gym to leverage neuroscience to make working not only effective but addictive.

We can’t wait to see you at our Plano or Fort Worth locations! Visit us soon and discover why BMF was voted the Best Gym in the DFW in 2021 and 2022.

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