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Our 45-minute workouts are specially designed to be the most efficient, transformative, and fun. Periodization throughout the week ensures all major muscle groups, as well as the smaller accessory muscles, are targeted. We strategically vary weight, speed, duration, reps, and sets to maximize energy expenditure, muscle growth, and cardiovascular health while keeping you challenged and entertained.

BMF Master Trainer, Ethan Marine
BMF DJ & In-house Music Producer, Tog, playing his tunes.

Feel the Power

Music is the #1 performance enhancer and motivator. Knowing this, we specially designed our studio to excite your brain, improve physical performance, and blur perception of time and effort. Our in-house music producer, DJ Tog, creates custom playlists from the world’s biggest artists—perfectly synched with the lights to accentuate the highs and lows in every workout, it is a show designed to give you the extra push when you need it most.

BMF rockstar trainers, Mario Schill & Jeanny Gallo


Our experienced, high-energy trainers are invested in YOUR success just as much as you are. Whether you are here to relieve stress, improve mood, or increase overall health, our trainers are specially trained to reach beyond your physical body and into your mind, emotion, and spirit. Passionate about your wholistic health and consistency, they show up day and night to throw down, ignite the room, and inspire your hustle.

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BMF Member - Melissa Success Story BMF Member - Melissa Success Story

“I began my journey at BMF in November 2017. Since starting, I have lost 50 lbs and dropped 7 dress sizes! I LOVE everything about BMF! This place has transformed my mind, body, and soul.”

BMF Member - Kris Success Story BMF Member - Kris Success Story

“I fell in love with BMF after taking my first class and became a Devoted Member that day. Thus far, I’ve lost 12 lbs. of fat mass, 4% body fat, lost 3 inches around waistline and gained 4 lbs. of lean muscle mass. The proof lies in the numbers and if you put in the work, you will achieve your goals. It is now part of my daily routine and I love the awesome culture at BMF…it feels like one big happy family!”

BMF Member - Kassie Success Story BMF Member - Kassie Success Story

“After 2 years with BMF I have lost over 50 pounds but I have gained SO much more. Not only have I changed my body but my entire life. Not only have my endurance and strength improved but I have a new outlook on life.”

BMF Member - Carina Success Story BMF Member - Carina Success Story

“I’ve lost a total of 20lbs and went from 28% body fat to 20%. Couldn’t be more happy… BMF helped me find self-love.”

BMF Co-founder, Margaux Phoenix, flexing her biceps.

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