Luxurious BMF Ladies Locker Room

Pamper The BMFER

Enjoy luxurious, spacious locker rooms stocked with all-natural, high quality, organic, vegan spa products and more. Everything you need to restore and renew.

Delicious Smoothies In Plano TX at the BMF Bar

Feed The BMFER

Fuel up at our all-natural smoothie bar. The BMF Bar has everything you need to power up, repair and refuel. We also offer integrated nutrition planning and counseling to help you get to the next level with a healthy diet.

State-of-the-art 3D Scans at Body Machine Fitness

Empower The BMFER

Take advantage of the most advanced 3D body scanning solution in the world. Set fitness and fat loss goals, then calculate calorie intake, workout frequency and track progress in 3D. Styku scans come FREE with your BMF membership!

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