BMF HIIT Workouts

Every Body Machine Fitness class blends key tenets of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with unique elements proven to train the brain to crave more. In addition to world-class instructors with unmatched good vibes, the studios are outfitted with state-of-the-art light installations and a sound system you can feel — so these HIIT workout classes really hit, syncing music, lighting, and movement.  

Our unique approach, known as brain entrainment, triggers the brain’s reward circuits, releasing vital neurochemicals. As dopamine surges and endorphins flow, time becomes a blissful rhythm for your BMF-boosted mind. 

A New Wave of Cross-Training 

The fitness circuits often chatter about the importance of muscle confusion, but at BMF we practice periodization, which is a more intentional approach to challenging the muscles and mind with movement that constantly varies.  

Check out all the Body Machine Fitness class offerings below!  

  • Full Body Core Burn: This is a high-energy group fitness class designed to strengthen the core, the very center of our bodies, and the solar plexus, the source of our personal and physical strength! 
  • Full Body Sunday Funday: This weekly, full-body and core strength training session involves individual stations and a variety of equipment and modalities. 
  • Full Body Sweat: Upper body, lower body, cardio, core, it’s ON during this dynamic full-body HIIT session designed to trigger feel-good neurotransmitters while pushing your fitness level to higher performance peaks. 
  • Lower Body Strength: Each week presents a brand-new lower body workout to keep your mind and body guessing. 
  • Upper Body Push/Pull: Opting for a push-pull group fitness class can lead to maximal strength gains. Expect overhead presses, tricep dips, rows, bicep curls, and more! 
  • Upper Body Tone: This class focuses on single-joint isolation exercises to take your mobility and functionality to the next level. Prepare to sweat, smile, and strengthen your shoulders, triceps, and biceps. 
  • Lower Body Dynamic: this class focuses less on heavy resistance training and more on isolation, plyometric, and multi-directional movements so we target every angle of the lower body to achieve the ideal shape and booty bounce-factor. 
  • Sunday Recovery: Balance the body and mind with this weekly recovery class designed to bring you back to your breath and encourage a restorative stretch.  

By incorporating this variation strategy, we keep your body and brain on their toes while you build new and improved neural tendencies. Our brand of cross-training targets different muscle groups on different days while varying the weight, speed, duration, reps, and sets. This approach allows you to 

  • maximize energy expenditure 
  • promote muscle growth 
  • maintain cardiovascular health 
  • create time for muscle recovery 

The Comeback Community  

Our favorite aspect of Body Machine Fitness is the sense of community that forms from a shared commitment to well-being. We don’t just offer group fitness classes; we create a supportive and encouraging environment where members can reach new heights and set higher goals. 

Accountability plays a significant role in maintaining consistency. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we enhance your chances of sticking to a regular fitness routine, showing up for yourself and others. 

Get Data-driven Fitness Support 

What truly sets BMF apart is our dedication to personalization. Alongside our curated classes, we offer one-on-one consultations with highly qualified fitness coaches. These sessions include a scan from the advanced Styku scanner, providing a detailed look at your full-body measurements, weight ratios (including BMI), potential health risks, and personalized recommendations for improvement based on your unique goals. 

Book a Free HIIT Class Today 

We’re confident in the transformative power of our fun fitness classes for all types of brains and bodies. That’s why your first class is on us! Explore our class offerings below and prepare for a life-changing experience at Body Machine Fitness. 

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