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Full Body Sweat

Saturday’s are sweaty atBody Machine Fitness studios

We kick off the weekend with our signature Full Body Sweat class. Expect to hit every major muscle group for forty-five minutes of peak metabolic impact, calorie torch, strength building,and nonstop fun. You don’t want to miss this.

Saturday is Your BMF Sample Platter

Upper body, lower body, cardio, core–it’s all on the table Saturday morning! Full Body Sweat offers a little taste of everything on our workout menu. It’s a dynamic full-body HIIT session designed to trigger your feel-good neurotransmitters while pushing your fitness level to higher performance peaks.



Why Full Body Sweat Works

Full body group cardio and strength classes aren’t only time efficient, they also increase calorie expenditure. Full Body Sweat is the ideal complement to the split training sessions we offer other days of the week.

Here, you will incorporate more functional movements and core elements that impact your everyday life. Observe as your stability, balance, and ease of motion improve with every workout.

A 2019 study found that full-body HIIT training resulted in a greater calorie burn than resistance training,

endurance cycling, and endurance treadmill workouts. When your schedule is packed, you need a time-effective workout. Full Body Sweat at Body Machine Fitness is your secret weapon.

Science-Backed, Surprising, Addictive

Think of Body Machine Fitness as an adult playground where fitness class community, playfulness, and productivity combine. Our instructors are masters of surprise, always incorporating new moves that keep your mind and body guessing. We never repeat workouts.

Our theory is simple: constant muscle confusion = positive engagement (FUN) and observable progress (RESULTS). And science backs us up.

By creating an immersive experience that synchronizes lights, music, and movement, Body Machine Fitness is the first and only gym in the world to leverage brainwave entrainment, so that the brain will quickly begin to associate working out with excitement.

At BMF, all it takes is a couple of high-energy group fitness sessions to change the way you see working out forever.



The BMF Community

In a world where technology keeps us disconnected, Body Machine Fitness is designed to bring people together. There is a distinct group energy that is palpable the moment you walk through our doors.

United in purpose, BMF members and trainers all have each other’s backs. Every class is filled with inspiration, words of encouragement, and the kind of connection that makes us all perform better not just for ourselves, but for each other.

You can ask any of our members about our close-knit community and they will all say that Body Machine Fitness is where exercise meets social engagement meets therapy session.

Feel The Groove. Change Your Body. Change Your Life.

Full Body Sweat is a great starting point if you’re new to Body Machine Fitness. Did you know BMF newbies get their first class free?

Show up 15 minutes before class to get situated, and your charming, experienced trainer will show you the ropes. By the time the first beat drops and the lightshow begins, you’ll feel 100% confident and ready to participate in your first functional fitness group class at BMF.

We can’t wait to see you at our Plano or Fort Worth locations! Visit us soon and discover why BMF was voted the Best Gym in the DFW in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Lace-up your sneakers and get ready to SWEAT.

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