Ever been in a workout and just felt unmotivated? Ever found the motivation to get to the gym, but didn’t know the right routine or couldn’t find the right music? Or maybe you're brand new and don’t know where to start or how to begin? You're not alone. That’s how we felt, too. Welcome to BMF, a place where you’ll never have to worry about the equipment, routine, or music. We take care of everything so you don't have to.

Our passion for fitness led us to create the ultimate fitness concept that is as efficient and effective, as it is motivating and addictive. It’s not any one thing, but the artistic combination of multiple elements working together in harmony.

One, at the core is a science-based interval workout designed to be the most efficient and effective workout you can do in 45 minutes. It’s challenging but because it is self-paced and simple to follow-along, everyone can do it and be successful.

Two, a good instructor is paramount to your motivation and success. Yet, most are mediocre at best. Just plain boring and uninspiring. You’ve been there. This is because no one invests in them with formal training, both initially and on-going. We changed that by hiring a full-time theatrical and performance coach that works with them day-in and day-out to be the “the best trainers in the world.”

Three, and arguably the most important, music, ambiance, and vibe. Nothing can lift, inspire, and motivate you more than hearing your favorite jam come on at the right time. It’s literally a mood drug. There is a lot of science, but to make it simple, we created a dark mood space, and invested a ton of money into a huge sound system and advanced lighting system to make you feel something and get motivated.

Lastly, we wanted a community to be a part of, so we built BMF and attracted people searching for the same thing. Fitness is what drew everyone here but it's the culture that has kept everyone coming back for years.There are no cliques, everyone is nice for no reason. Truly, you need to hear this. BMF is a judgement free zone where you can be happy and free. Everyone is positive and supportive. It feels like family. You WILL make friends, whether that was your goal or not.

Putting it all together, it’s a choreographed show where the music, lights, movements, people, and trainer are all synchronized, like the Bellagio Water Show. Everyone is doing the same thing, at the same time, lock step. And when that happens, it unlocks something in your psyche. It’s like experiencing the perfect performance and you get those goose-bumps. It’s a feeling of awe. It’s primal, deeply emotional, and transformational.

The reason this happens is super nerdy so we’ll keep it simple :) It is a neuroscience phenomenon called brain entrainment which involves utilizing music and lights to shift your brain wave states, or said another way, shift your mind and emotions. We’ve figured it out, and it’s powerful, and it will change the way you think about fitness forever.

The next step is yours. We are waiting for you with open arms.

Our 45-minute instructor-led classes are based on rounds of cardio on the treadmills and strength training on the floor, also known as HIIT (high-intensity interval training). HIIT basically means you alternate between going hard and then taking a break, on repeat. A typical round lasts anywhere from about 6-12 minutes, at which time you’ll switch stations between the tread and the floor, depending on where you started.

For the treadmill rounds, you’ll be walking, jogging and running, depending on what feels good to you. Can’t or don’t like to run? You aren’t alone. Many of our members actually prefer to skip the tread portion entirely, and instead choose one of our dedicated “double-floor” spots or stationary bikes (see below: What if I don’t like to run?)

For the strength portion of the rounds, our trainers provide suggestions but YOU choose the weight and pace (see more on this below: Can I take a BMF class if I have no experience?).

Everyday is a new and unique workout, but all are designed to be easy-to-follow with traditional movements and exercises you’ve either seen or done before. And because everyone is doing the same thing at the same time, you’ll never feel lost or confused.

YES. ABSOLUTELY. They're perfect for everyone — beginners, athletes, and everyone in between — because everything is centered on time rather than reps or sets.

A seasoned athlete may use heavy weights, do many reps, and take fewer rests, whereas a beginner may use only body weight, do fewer reps, and rest frequently. Although the trainers offer guidance, the program is set up such that you can choose your own weight and tempo. Everything is timed and synchronized to the music, so everyone is doing the same thing at the same time, making it very easy to follow along and imitate what others are doing.

Our workouts, playlist and lightshow change DAILY, but are on repeat for the entire day. So whether you do the 5am or the 5pm, the experience is exactly the same for THAT day. And then the next day is a different workout and show.

Week over week we follow a consistent structure so you can better plan your workouts and ensure a balanced program catering to your needs:

Monday = Upper Body Push/Pull
Tuesdays = Booty Tuesday
Wednesdays = Full-Body Core
Thursday = Upper Body Accessory
Friday = Lower Body Dynamic
Saturday = Full Body
Sunday = Full Body (Circuits)

This strategy is ideal because it hits all the body parts, but with built-in rest days so you don’t overwork anything. Arms sore from Monday’s workout? No problem, Tuesday is lower body day so you won’t need your arms … lol. This means you can be more consistent day after day, and consistency is the key to making progress and getting the results you want.

Click on the Free Class button and fill out the form. The system will create your profile and add 1 class to your account automatically (you have 10 days to use the credit). Choose a class day/time that works for you on the next screen, and that's all there is to it. You've been scheduled! The whole thing takes less than a minute.

Yes, please arrive at least 15 minutes early so that we can give you a quick orientation to the workout room, the equipment, and your trainer. Taking a few moments before class to take it all in and make some new friends will result in a fantastic first time experience!

We make it easy for you to simply show up! The only thing you need to bring is water and exercise clothes, such as a breathable top, comfortable shorts or leggings, and sneakers. We provide complimentary towel service as well as everything else you could want or need: a smoothie bar, grab-and-go snacks, and spa-like locker rooms stocked with vegan body products, hair ties, tampons, anti-perspirant, and so on.

With or without COVID, we keep the studio immaculate. It’s one of the things we are known for which you can read in our many reviews. Having said that, we have doubled our efforts during COVID. Everything gets cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day, high-touch surfaces hourly, and we have hand sanitizing stations and disinfectant wipes all over the studio.

We have 6 dedicated double-floor spots as well as 2 stationary bikes, so no worries. The term "double-floor" means that you will not be switching sides between the treads and the floor. You'll stay put and repeat the strength-training round. You can also get some cardio by switching to one of the bikes. Many of our members prefer this format over the traditional tread and floor format, so these are very popular spots that sell out quickly.

Yes, we have modifications for virtually every exercise, which the trainer will provide and demonstrate, on repeat, many times during the class. Need specific guidance based on your particular limitation? No problem, arrive a few minutes early and talk to your trainer. That way they can better understand and cater to your needs. We want you to get a good workout in so just talk to us and we’ll modify anything and everything to make that happen for you!

It depends on your home studio location, so check the location-specific schedule, but we try to have class times that are super convenient for everyone. Generally speaking, we offer prime time classes for the bookends–early morning and evening, as well as a noontime lunch class, and then fill in the other hours as demand dictates. For example, at our Plano studio we offer morning classes at 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9am; a noon class; and evening classes at 5, 6 and 7pm. Saturdays are 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11am; and Sundays are 9 and 11am.

If your studio is new (like our Fort Worth studio), there may not be as many classes on the roster yet, but we’ll add them as quickly as possible as the demand grows. If there is a specific class time you’d like that we don’t offer, please let us know! We definitely factor that information in when deciding on what class times to add!

18 years old, but we will allow 15-17 year olds if the parent signs a waiver and is on premises with the minor.

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