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Sunday Recovery Class

Sunday evenings at Body Machine Fitness are all about resetting.

As we wind down the weekend and prepare for the week ahead —we release our muscles, relax our mind, recharge our energy, and return to our center with the simple action of recovery.  



Strength is Knowing When to Slow Down 

We are clearly die-hard enthusiasts about HIIT and high energy fitness, but we’re also here to remind you that you’re only human. Rest and recovery are the best ways to avoid injury and stay safe during your workouts. If you want to see your fitness level improve, there is no way around it.  


Here is how we like to recovery at BMF. 

BMF Encourages R&R 

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you may recall the instructor touting the importance of the final posture: Savasana. In this restorative pose, your body is able to apply and absorb all the hard work you did leading up to it.  

Think of our Sunday Recovery stretching class as the savasana of your weekly workouts. This class focuses on slowing down and addressing the areas that need attention. We incorporate strategic stretching, intentional breath work, and mindful moments to leave you feeling ready to conquer the week ahead. 

Inspired By Yoga with the BMF Edge 

Sunday Recovery class emphasizes slow, methodological movements such as those you would find in a yoga or other mat-based class. Here, we set aside the time our bodies need to recuperate as we move through every muscle group from the joints to the fascia. To ensure you receive maximum restorative power, our stretching class is customized to address any areas of the body we pushed especially hard during the week prior. 

After just a few sessions, you will notice: 

•  Improved flexibility and mobility 

•  Better endurance 

•  A deeper connection between mind and body

•  Less fitness-related injuries 

•  Optimized lung capability

And remember, Body Machine Fitness classes are for everyone no matter how flexible you are or where you’re at in your fitness journey. Everyone needs to recover if they want to see their performance improve.  



Why Guided Recovery Works Best 

There are a couple of problems with stretching on your own. The first is that 9 times out of 10, you just won’t do it. The other issue is that trainer-led recovery sessions are just more beneficial. From the chosen movements to the proper form and adequate hold times, your coach takes your head out of the process. You are free to become fully present and simply follow the leader 

Plus, when you come to class, you get the added benefit of the group dynamic. Recovery classes have some of the most palpable energy in our studios. It’s an experience not to be missed.  

Breath Work is the Best Work 

Breathing tends to be something we take for granted. We do it all day, every day without even thinking about or controlling it! But our breath is the source of virtually all of our energy.  

During Sunday Recovery classes, instructors take our members through guided breathwork. Consciously breathing, holding the breath, sending breath to different parts of your body — these are actions which can help regulate heart rate, lower blood pressure, and even induce a blissful state of mind.  

Book a Free Sunday Recovery Class  

We are so confident in the value of this work, we offer your first recovery class on us! Prepare for a life-changing experience at Body Machine Fitness.  

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