Rewiring Your Brain for Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are attainable. Here’s the truth: you can rewire your brain for new routines at any age–if you know how to crack the code.  

Bad Habits are No Match for Neuroplasticity  

Every time we learn a new skill, our brain restructures to adapt to the new stimulus or routine. The scientific name for this is neuroplasticity, and it’s the great equalizer in the battle against bad habits.  

When you consistently engage in new behaviors and patterns, you forge fresh neural pathways that train your brain to trade old habits for new, healthier ones. As you continue to nurture and reinforce these positive habits–whether eating more vegetables or becoming a 6 am workout person–they become deeply ingrained in your neural circuits, ultimately leading to a changed brain.  

Nourish Your Neurons and Flex Your Willpower 

Your brain wants to eat just as much as your body does. Factoring brain health into your diet is essential for optimizing cognitive function and supporting neuroplasticity. Some vital nutrients that make your mind happy include:  

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds all contain essential fats that improve memory and reduce inflammation.[*] 
  • Antioxidants: Antioxidants like vitamins c and e combat oxidative stress to safeguard brain cells and boost cognitive function. Eating a colorful range of fruits and vegetables is a surefire way to up your antioxidant intake.  
  • B vitamins: Lean meats, legumes, and leafy greens have the B vitamins we need to optimize the production of neurotransmitters and maintain healthy cognition.[*]

Grow a Bigger, Healthier Brain 

The science tells us that healthy brains are capable of learning throughout life, especially when they are stimulated by regular exercise. Even older folks suffering from mild levels of cognitive decline stand to improve their brain structure and function with aerobic activity. 

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, regular exercise increases the size of the hippocampus, the part of the mind that controls verbal memory and learning. Another peer-reviewed study from the Journal of Sport and Health Science showed that aerobic exercise like HIIT activates brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), the molecule that helps repair and make new brain cells. BDNF is linked to the neuroplasticity and neural connectivity you need to turn healthy ambitions into healthy habits.  

Become The Good Kind of Brainwashed at Body Machine Fitness  

Finding a workout you genuinely enjoy is the shortcut to rewiring your brain for better habits. Body Machine Fitness’ science-backed fitness classes light up the motivation centers of your brain, so you start to crave exercise rather than avoid it.   

By leveraging the interplay of lights, sound, and sweat, our classes induce a high state of arousal that taps into the brain’s reward and pleasure circuits to produce dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. In short, your brain will start chasing that same high and motivate you to sign up for a daily group fitness class in Plano or Ft. Worth 

Tiny Habits, Big Gains  

Take that first step to a new healthy habit. Your first class is on us! Sign up for a free group fitness class today!  

Smart Workouts are Safe: How to Avoid Injuring Yourself

Nothing puts big fitness ambitions on hold like an injury. Don’t take the risk. Body Machine Fitness is all about safer ways to get strong. Here are our trainers’ top tips for injury prevention:  

Warm It Up and Cool It Down  

Injury prevention starts before your workout begins. A warm up is called so for a reason: it warms up your body temperature and increases your heart rate, so blood starts to flow to your muscles—dynamic warmups like arm circles and leg swings prime muscles, joints, and tendons to perform safely. Static stretching to cool down reduces inflammation, helping to prevent soreness and injury.  

Master Proper Form  

How many times have you tweaked your neck tossing and turning in the night? Even the simplest movements present an injury risk if you aren’t practicing proper form. You’re in class to tone your muscles, not strain them. If you’re new to BMF and aren’t sure if you have the correct form, ask your trainer for help. They will be more than happy to assist! Proper form will help you maximize your session and minimize your risk of strain.  

Mix Up Your Routine  

Repeating the same movements day after day without time to recover can compromise your form and lead to injury. Mixing it up in the weight room not only keeps things spicy–it also keeps you safe. Moving in a different way every day makes for more balanced muscles, reducing the risk of injury. BMF trainers NEVER repeat workouts, so our members stay safe and never plateau.  

Hit Your Hydration Goals  

Drink up! And we’re not just talking during class. Proper hydration around the clock is crucial to lubricate your joints and fuel your workouts. Start sipping seriously two hours before your workout, shooting for 16- 24 ounces of water. Around twenty minutes before your group fitness class in Plano or Fort Worth, aim for a few more.  

Don’t Forget to Feed the Machine 

You know what they say–a protein bar a day keeps the orthopedic surgeon away! Eating a nutrient-dense diet helps your body build a strong defense against muscle tears and optimizes your recovery so you can rock your next sweat session.  

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) advises comsuming this macronutrient mix after a workout: 

  • 15 – 25 grams of protein and   
  • 1-2 grams of carbs   
  • per 2.2 pounds of body weight per hour of high-intensity exercise.  

So, if you weigh 150 pounds and take any 45-minute BMF class, you should aim for roughly 15 to 20 grams of protein and between 55 and 120 grams of carbs.  

Get Stronger, Safer 

Remember, injuries are complex and have many causes. Though there is no way to prevent injuries completely, Body Machine Fitness prioritizes warming up, cooling down, and switching up workouts so our members can work toward their goals sustainably.  

New to our group fitness classes in Ft. Worth and Plano? Your first session is on us 

Why Stretching is Just as Important as Strengthening

After an intense sweat session, it’s tempting to skip the cooldown and head straight for the showers. Big mistake. Taking your stretching just as seriously as the rest of your workout makes for a much safer, complete routine.  

Body Machine Fitness trainers start every class with the kind of stretching your body needs before a HIIT workout. Dynamic movements, like lunges, squats, or knee hugs get your muscles ready for the functional moves you can expect in class. Static stretches, where you elongate the muscles and hold, help the muscles recover after 45 minutes of  explosive movement.  

Stretching is critical for maintaining our mobility, range of motion, and functional movement throughout our lives. Read on to learn more about the importance of stretching whether it’s attached to a Body Machine Fitness class, other workout, or simply to unwind.  

4 Excellent Reasons to Stretch Any Time 

  1. Reduce Risk of Injury 

Stretching at least 2-3 times per week, but preferably daily, helps your muscles get used to moving without any assistance. This is crucial for avoiding and preventing injuries because your body treats repeated explosive movements as if it’s an injury. It’s that old, “no pain, no gain” mentality but at a cellular level. Because your body thinks it’s hurt, it tries to limit your range of movement. As a BMFer, you’re going to need your full range of motion, so we don’t skip out on stretches.  

  1. Boost Mobility

You might be thinking, isn’t mobility the same thing as flexibility? It might be a surprise but they actually refer to different phenomena in the body. Where flexibility refers to your muscles, mobility applies to your joints. Mobility is another key factor determining your range of motion. When our in-house DJ starts cranking out your jam, believe us, you’re going to want that full range of motion to really pump it up. 

  1. Reduce Inflammation 

Deep down your body loves you, but it does some not cool things it thinks will protect you. When you get that heart pumping, the endorphins rushing, and those muscles popping, your body reacts as though it’s injured and cranks up the inflammation to keep you from moving anymore. Stretching reduces that inflammation so you can continue coming to class in top form all week long. 

  1. Get Stronger

When you stretch properly and consistently before a workout, the result is a body that’s more flexible, more mobile, and more prepared for the kind of high-energy workouts we live for at Body Machine Fitness. All that flexibility and mobility means it’s actually easier to break through your perceived limits, and all that barrier breaking means you’re getting stronger and more powerful.  

It’s Not Over Until We Stretch 

Don’t worry if your flexibility is lacking. With our help, you’ll see it improve quickly. Every 45 minute Body Machine Fitness session begins and ends with the stretching your body needs to receive the full benefit of the workout. Plus, our bad-ass BMF trainers will work with you should you need any adjustments or accommodations. So stretch out of your usual routine and sign up for a group fitness class in Plano or Fort Worth 


Your first class is FREE 


How to Get and Stay Motivated

You know the drill:  

  • Set a 5 am alarm…hit snooze seven times  
  • Make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight…quit the gym in February  
  • Write a Sunday to-do list…binge Netflix instead 

So, what gives? Staying motivated is one of the top reasons people fail to stick to a fitness routine. But maybe, a lack of motivation to workout isn’t so much a reflection on your motivation as it is on the workout you’ve been doing. Maybe it’s time to try a fitness studio that takes care of the motivation part for you. 

At Body Machine Fitness, our members are motivated to attend classes for some many reasons. Attend your first free class and you’ll soon learn: 

Your Tribe is Here 

We’re more than a gym; we’re a social club. Every BMF trainer, member, and staff welcomes and accepts everyone who walks through our doors from day one–whether you’re a retired professional athlete or at the start of your fitness journey. Our workouts connect people through a shared and meaningful experience that lingers long after the post-workout shower. This social and encouraging environment makes our members want to show up and push hard day after day as much for themselves as for the power of the group dynamic.  

We Offer New Classes Every Day 

Forget boring and repetitive gym routines! Not only does mixing up your workouts help keep your body and mind engaged, but it also prevents boredom and burnout. Keeping things exciting and challenging makes you more likely to stick to your fitness routine and achieve your desired goals.  

At BMF, you will never take the same class twice. Our science-based interval workouts are the most efficient and effective workout you can do in 45 minutes. They’re challenging but self-paced and simple to follow along so everyone can do it and be successful–there’s nothing more motivating than that.  

We Got the Beat 

When you step into the studio, you feel like you’re at the city’s hottest nightclub. Every class features high-octane hits mixed by our in-house DJ along with a synchronized light show. Dopamine is the currency of well-being and we use music to dole it out every day. You read that right; our workouts deliver a healthy “high” that motivates you to get out of bed and be a badass at BMF.  

We’ve Brainwashed You with Neuroscience! 

Body Machine Fitness is the first gym in the world to leverage neuroscience to hack the brain to associate working out with excitement. Every aspect of our classes–the music, the lights, the circuits– is intentional. We tap into your brain’s motivation center and stimulate the dopamine production you need to become addicted to exercise. Body Machine Fitness members crave their daily workouts and never fear the gym. After a week of group fitness classes in Ft. Worth or Plano, you’ll realize you’re no longer starved for motivation and may even have some to spare.  

Ready for your new addiction? 

Body Machine Fitness is the full-sensory workout you’ll want to feel every day.  

Book your free nightclub fitness class today to join our fitness community and see why BMF was voted the Best Gym in DFW for the third year. 

4 Tips to Make Exercise a Lifestyle Choice

Human beings were born to move. Regular sweat sessions help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, boost our mood, and regulate our energy levels. We all know that we should make exercise a regular part of our routine. However, only 28% of Americans are exercising enough.  

Breaking free from old habits to introduce new lifestyle choices is never easy. But it is possible. With the right mindset, you can change working out from a grueling chore to the best part of your day. Here are four tips from our trainers to help you become part of the 28%:  

Tip #1: Schedule your workouts  

Consistency is the cornerstone of any successful habit. To establish a positive relationship with exercise, you have to make workouts part of your daily rhythm. We’re not saying you need to go balls-to-the-wall every day for two hours. Instead, make exercise as integral to your routine as going to work, even if it’s just a brief but focused 45-minute workout. Slow and steady wins the race – it’s far better to commit to a shorter but regular workout than to attempt an overly ambitious routine and risk abandoning it altogether. 

Tip #2: Don’t overdo it  

The most common mistake that exercise newbies make is going too hard too quickly, which can lead to pain, injury, and burnout. To avoid this, listen to your body and start slowly. Instead of training for the Boston Marathon right out of the gate, start with shorter, more manageable workouts that you can gradually increase in intensity as you get fitter. This approach allows you to build up your fitness gradually, reducing the risk of injury and increasing the likelihood of long-term success. 

Tip #3: Remember your why 

Maintaining a consistent exercise routine can be challenging, but reminding yourself of your motivations can serve as a powerful driving force. Knowing your “why” – your deeper reasons for prioritizing fitness – can provide the mental edge you need to overcome obstacles and stay on track. Reflect on what truly matters to you. Is it improved health, increased energy, stress reduction, or perhaps setting a positive example for loved ones? Whatever your reasons, keeping them at the forefront of your mind will ignite the passion and determination needed to make exercise a lasting routine.  

Tip #4- Find a workout you crave everyday  

Finding a workout you genuinely enjoy is the shortcut to making fitness an enduring lifestyle choice. Body Machine Fitness’ science-backed fitness classes light up the motivation centers of your brain so you start to crave exercise rather than avoid it.  

By using a coordinated dance of lights, sound, and sweat, our classes induce a high state of arousal that taps into the brain’s reward and pleasure circuits to produce feel-good neurochemicals dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin. These substances control all the good stuff: your sense of well-being, perception of time, euphoria, and overall contentment. 

New to BMF? Take Your First Class on Us 

After just a few of our group fitness classes in Fort Worth and Plano, you will be well on your way to effectively rewiring your mind to make exercise a lifestyle choice.  

Change your relationship with exercise for good by joining us for a FREE fitness class. We’ll see you in the studio! 

How Lighting Impacts the Group Fitness Environment

Not all gyms get lights right.  

A room’s lighting temperature (warm or cool), color, and intensity can all impact your mood and performance. By now, you’ve probably read about blue light, that evil light from our phone screens that’s often blamed for a bad night’s sleep. Blue light blocks melatonin production and keeps us from falling asleep. 

Traditional gyms and office spaces typically opt for this style of lighting on the theory that it keeps you sharp and focused. But who wants to workout under the glare of harsh lighting?  

Body Machine Fitness came up with a better lighting concept; one that beckons our members back to the studio day after day. It’s a total vibe. Come check us out! 

At Body Machine Fitness, We. Light it. UP! 

Body Machine Fitness knows blue light isn’t enough to get you motivated. Instead of offering a group fitness environment that feels like an all-staff meeting, we created one that looks and feels like an amazing night out with friends.  

Using the entire color spectrum to enhance mood and increase your energy levels, we turn up the music and synchronize the lighting to the beats. Under the spell of our in-house DJ’s high-octane hits, our members get the most out of every workout.  

It’s not just a feel-good effect—it actually enhances your performance. Every Body Machine Fitness group class leverages lights, sound, and community to boost energy levels and rewire your brain to crave exercise.  

Lighting the Way to a Euphoric Workout 

It’s really not the drinks that put us in high spirits at a nightclub. It’s more about the power of artistic lighting, motivating music, and good company that generates our sense of euphoria. The pounding beats and light show that underpin every Body Machine Fitness class are designed to activate the fight or flight response, amping up the energy of the room. With everyone experiencing these high-beta states, a Collective Nervous System is created. It’s like the bond you might remember sharing with high school teammates.  

When these beta-states are combined with the alpha-states produced with the help of lighting in the cooldown, the effect is feelings of love and trust. This combination of beta and alpha states produced by Body Machine group fitness experiences is what keeps people coming back for more. 

The Lights are Always On at BMF 

Like the hottest new nightclub in town, Body Machine Fitness has people talking. Ready to see what the hype is about? Join us for group fitness classes in Plano or Ft. Worth. 

Sign up for a free class today! 


Optimize Your Strength Training With These Post-Workout Recovery Tips

When it comes to our fitness goals, it’s important to remember that results and recovery are two sides of the same coin. Without a proper post-workout recovery, your body can’t repair itself, leading to injuries and burnout–both of which can seriously slow down your progress and mess with your mojo.  

At Body Machine Fitness, we go hard in every class with the expectation that you will listen to your body and give the rest it needs to go even harder next time. Recover like a pro by following these trainer-approved tips.  

Conquer Your Cool Down  

Cooling down is the first step of every workout recovery period. It’s a process  that brings your body back to its pre-workout state. As you perform languid, muscle lengthening movements , your heart rate slows down and your breathing stabilizes, as your muscles release the lactic acid that may otherwise cause soreness and muscle fatigue.  

Don’t rush your cool down. Always allow at least a few minutes to jog in place or walk to decrease your heart rate safely. Then, transition into static stretching to elongate your muscles and improve flexibility. Try to hold each stretch for 30 seconds to a minute. 

An effective cool down and recovery after any type of cardio or strength training would include some combination of the following stretches: 

  • Cat-Cow stretches for the spine, shoulders, and upper back 
  • Cobra stretch for low back and shoulders 
  • Quadriceps stretch (foot to tush) 
  • Toe touch for the hammies 
  • Seated butterfly stretch for the inner thighs, hips, and knees 
  • Side bends for the obliques 
  • Leaning calf stretches

Quench Your Thirst  

Hydration is vital to optimal recovery and performance. Whether you’re a pro-level athlete or weekend warrior, dehydration impairs muscle function, hinders recovery, and negatively impacts performance in future workouts. After a sweaty BMF class, your electrolytes must be replenished. 

It’s a good idea to sip water consistently throughout the day rather than chugging a large amount at once. Your body can only absorb so much at a time. Gulp down too much during a tough workout, you might find yourself unable to keep it down.  

A good rule of thumb is to take a sip of water before you get thirsty. As they say, if you wait until you are thirsty— you are already dehydrated.  

Feed The Machine 

To optimize your recovery from daily exercise, nutrition is your strongest ally. Working out depletes your body’s stored energy and causes muscle tears. Prioritizing a high-protein diet helps to counteract those effects, helping you repair your muscles and stay energized.  

This is doubly important if you work out every or most days, like many Body Machine Fitness members. With proper nutrition, you’ll have the power and strength to exercise intensely, burn more calories, and get the most out of daily workouts. If you skip or don’t take the refueling process seriously, getting through your next BMF session could be a struggle.  

Eating The Right Foods at The Right Time Makes a Difference  

Your post-workout meal matters, so it’s important to consider several criteria when making your choices. Start paying attention to your intake as it pertains to: 

  • Calories 
  • Macronutrients (Think: Carbs, Fat, & Protein) 
  • Micronutrients (Think: Vitamins & Minerals) 
  • When you eat (and how often) 
  • Supplements targetted at inflammation and muscle/tendon/bone repair

Nutritionists recommend a balance of protein and carbohydrates. After a workout, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) advises eating: 

  • 15 – 25 grams of protein and  
  • 1-2 grams of carbs  
  • per 2.2 pounds of body weight per hour of depleting exercise.  

So, if you weigh 150 pounds and take our Sunday Funday class for 45 minutes, you should aim for roughly 15 to 20 grams of protein and between 55 and 120 grams of carbs. 

This is true even if you’re trying to lose weight. Falling into the trap of skipping meals and undereating can negatively affect your waistline and performance. Simply put, if you want to see change in your body, you gotta eat! 

Having a protein-rich nutritious bite soon after your workout helps your body hold onto lean muscle mass which in turn, helps boost metabolism, promote muscle recovery, and give your figure that toned athletic look.  

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep  

Sleep is the ultimate post-workout recovery method known to enhance muscle growth and help prevent injury. The body waits for the resting state to repair damaged tissues, build new muscle, and replenish energy.  

Be greedy about it! Try to get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night for maximum benefits.  

Questions About Your Muscle Recovery? Ask Your BMF Trainer!  

We won’t say all Body Machine Fitness trainers are oracles–but they’re pretty close. If you feel like your body isn’t recovering as well as it could be, don’t be afraid to approach your Body Machine Fitness trainer and pick their brain for more muscle recovery tips and tricks.  

Check out our schedules for group fitness classes in Plano and Fort Worth today. We can’t wait to treat you to a FREE fitness class and dispense our workout and recovery wisdom.  



What are the Benefits of a Group Workout?

If your solo trips to the gym have become stale and boring, then you can’t be getting much of a workout. If that’s the case, group fitness might be a better option for you. Here are just some of the benefits of working out in a group setting you may have overlooked.  

Push Yourself Harder  

Humans are natural competitors. Studies show that people who work out with others are more likely to push their edge and exert themselves to the max. When another class member challenges themselves to lift heavier or jump higher, you may be motivated to follow suit. This phenomenon of working harder in a group setting to not be seen as the “weak link” is called the Köhler Effect and motivates you to leave it all on the floor so you never plateau.  

Stay Accountable  

Motivation gets you to class; accountability keeps you coming back. Fortunately, you’ll find accountability is a central theme in any group fitness class. Knowing that others anticipate your presence creates a strong sense of accountability. This shared responsibility cultivates discipline, making sure that members stay on track with their fitness goals, even on days when motivation is hard to find. After all, getting up at 6 am to workout is easier when your friends await you.  

Reduce Risk of Injury  

Exercising without a trainer means you’re more likely to make bad form a habit–and get injured because of it. Group classes are led by worldclass trainers who are invested in the success and safety of their tribe. They monitor every rep for proper form and light up the room with the energy you need to crush your session. By choosing a group workout, you opt for individual support, step-by-step guidance, and the chance to level up safely. 

Find Your Fam 

Humans are wired to be social. A strong community is essential to experiencing a fit and fulfilled life, but that connection can be hard to come by amid the stresses and obligations of day-to-day life. A group fitness class is a great way to bypass the difficulties of making like-minded friends as an adult. After sharing a great workout, with feel-good chemicals pumping through your brain and body, post-class conversation flows naturally.  

Enjoy More Endorphins  

Group workouts have mental advantages, too. Beyond the dopamine release that comes with any exercise, research shows that sweating it out with friends can lead to a major mood boost.  

At Body Machine Fitness, we take this a step further. By immersing members in a theatrical, choreographed sound and light show that is uniquely coordinated to every workout, we sync the room into a group Collective Nervous System. This CNS triggers feelings of energy and euphoria that cloak the room in feelings of love, trust, and community as we cool down. This is the healthy high you’ll want to chase every day, together.  

Exercise is Better Together 

Come sweat with us and experience the power of the BMF community, where every workout is a social hangout, dance party, and therapy session all in one. Join us for group fitness classes in Plano and Fort Worth. We can’t wait to welcome you to your first FREE group fitness class with open, sculpted arms. 



This is Your Brain on Body Machine Fitness

Human beings were born to move. Though you may not always feel like it, your body wants to push, pull, and jump. It wants to reach new pinnacles of strength and ride the edge of endurance. It’s the brain that needs to catch up with what the body was made for. 

Imagine a reality where you wake up energized and ready to hit the gym. You walk into your local fitness studio, where you see some of your favorite people and like-minded newcomers. Then, as the lights dim and the music swells with intensity–you become fully present for 45 sweaty minutes of euphoria.  

This isn’t some far-off fantasy. At Body Machine Fitness, this is simply how we roll. Every day. 

If you want to free yourself from the imaginary limitations you’ve set for yourself when it comes to exercise, then you need to get your body to Body Machine Fitness. And make sure to bring your brain! 


BMF Gives Your Brain Waves a Boost  

We are the FIRST gym in the world to merge brainwave entrainment and exercise successfully. Brainwave entrainment is the science of stimulating the brain into ​desirable brainwave states like alpha waves, delta waves, or beta waves ​through synchronized music and light.​  

Our workouts induce a high state of arousal that taps into the brain’s reward and pleasure circuits to produce feel-good neurochemicals dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin.  

What’s the big deal?  

These substances control all the good stuff: our sense of well-being, perception of time, euphoria, and overall contentment. When you repeatedly expose yourself to the stimulus of a BMF fitness class, you effectively rewire your mind to crave exercise and all the brain benefits it brings.  

Train Your Brain, Your Body Will Follow 

We sync the room into a Collective Nervous System by immersing our members in a theatrical, choreographed sound and light show that complements every unique workout. Our dance between high-beta states during the HIIT work and alpha states during cooldown cloaks the room in feelings of love, trust, and community.  

BMF Improves Cognition 

You can also think of Body Machine Fitness classes like stretching and strengthening for your brain.  

A study from the Journal of Sport and Health Science showed that high-intensity exercise (like any BMF class) activates a molecule called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF has a hand in repairing and making new brain cells, which all play into optimal neuroplasticity and neural connectivity.  

Significant structural changes in the brain take some time–but not that much. All you really need is a few weeks of regular exercise to reap long-lasting improvements in regions of the mind associated with cognitive tasks. Our members notice big gains in their memory, balance, coordination, and clarity of thinking.  

Feel The Mental Magic at Body Machine Fitness 

Dopamine is the currency of well-being, and we dish it out daily at BMF. The physical effects of our group fitness classes in Ft. Worth and Plano are fabulous, but they’re just a by-product.  

Train your body and your brain like never before. Join us for a FREE fitness class today and experience your brain on Body Machine Fitness.  


Fitness for a New Year and Beyond

Resolutions are So Last Year. Make Fitness Your Lifestyle at BMF!  

The hangover has cleared, and the self-reflection has begun. This month, many Americans are taking part in the long-held practice of surveying their shortcomings and trying to make big changes. 48% of people admit that “improving fitness” is a top priority for 2024. But by February, most resolutioners will fall off the health and fitness wagon.  

We all aspire to lead a more active lifestyle. So why do so many fail?  

You see, humans are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. For most, working out is uncomfortable and intimidating; it doesn’t stimulate the pleasure pathways. Because of this, many hit snooze, skip workouts, and fail to stick to their fitness goals. What if there was a way to workout that registers to the brain as pleasure over pain and keeps you coming back for more?  

Now there is.  

Keeping resolutions is simple with Body Machine Fitness’ science-rooted, dopamine-fueled HIIT workouts.  

Change Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge  

Breaking free from old habits to introduce new routines is never easy. But it is possible. Here’s how BMF cracks the neuro-code to take working out from a painful chore to your new addiction:  

Brain Science That Replaces Resolutions with Resolve  

Body Machine Fitness is the first gym in the world to leverage neuroscience to hack the brain to associate working out with excitement. Every aspect of our classes–the music, the lights, the circuits– is intentional. We tap into your brain’s motivation center and stimulate the dopamine production you need to become addicted to exercise. Body Machine Fitness members look forward to their daily workouts and never fear the gym. After a week of group fitness classes in Ft. Worth or Plano, you’ll realize you’re no longer laboring through a resolution–you’re forming a lasting habit.  

Workouts That Keep You Grinding and Guessing  

Going hard is gratifying. We expect our students to give it their all in class. We want your muscles to talk to you; we want you to feel it. Our trainers keep it interesting, never repeating workouts and always encouraging you to be a badass through every bead of sweat. The effect of workout variety on your mind makes sticking to your fitness goals easy. After all, when you see and feel results, you’re incentivized to keep pushing and pushing. Soon, you’ll be one of those gym rats who say things like, “You know, pain is just weakness leaving the body.”  

Facilities That Go Above and Beyond 

Our trainers, members, and staff are united by the shared mission to build community by welcoming and accepting everyone who walks through our doors from day one. We make it simple for you to show up. The only items you need to bring to BMF are water, exercise clothes, sneakers, and a healthy dose of curiosity. We provide complimentary towel service and everything else you need: a smoothie bar, grab-and-go snacks, and spa-like locker rooms stocked with vegan body products, hair ties, tampons, antiperspirant, and other little luxuries.  

Don’t Just Change The Way You Workout. Change Your Lifestyle.  

2024 is YOUR YEAR! We’ll plug you into the Matrix, so you can abandon your problems and ride a high that keeps you showing up month after month. Join us for a FREE fitness class today.