You don’t need to spend 2+ hours in the gym every day to see the results you’re looking for. In fact, research shows that a round of HIIT can replicate the effects of common types of exercise like running or weightlifting in just a fraction of the time. Depending on how consistent you are with your training in combination with where your baseline fitness level is at, you may start seeing physical changes as soon as 6-8 weeks.

What is HIIT?

High-intensity interval Training (HIIT) is an infinitely adaptable workout program built around short, intense periods of work interspersed with shorter periods of rest. HIIT workouts range from 30 minutes to an hour, with a sweet spot of 45 minutes.

During a HIIT session, you’ll push, pull, jump, and lift your way through compound moves that improve your endurance, build muscle, and increase your resting metabolism rate— giving you a good fat burn long after class ends.

If I Start Now, When Will I See Results?

If you’ve ever done six crunches and lifted your shirt expecting to see a six-pack, you’re not alone. It’s natural to want immediate results when we start a new routine. However, as your mama probably told you, life (and fitness) has no shortcuts.

The question of how long it takes to see HIIT results is a tricky one to answer. The results of any fitness routine are impacted by more than just the reps themselves–what you eat, how you sleep, and how you handle stress can all affect how fast or slow you’ll start seeing changes.

However, if you’re eating lots of protein, getting that shut eye, and staying consistent with your workouts, you’ll set yourself up for these milestones:

1st Workout: Endorphins and Afterburn

There’s a lot of science behind how a HIIT workout impacts the body differently  than almost any other type of workout. Namely, HIIT sessions produce the afterburn effect, meaning you’ll get the calorie-burning effects of your workout all day long.

Let’s say you hop into one of our morning by the time you’re getting ready for lunch, your body is still burning calories from the morning sweat sesh. Your brain will also get a boost with every HIIT session— exercise-induced endorphin release is dependent on the intensity of exercise, and high-intensity workouts do it best. You may feel mentally clearer and sharper, and experience a more balanced, positive mood.

2-4 Weeks: Improved Endurance

All this extra calorie burning means that, when combined with a diet that runs a caloric deficit, you can start to see inches fall off your waistline in less time. For people in the beginning stages of their fit lifestyle, these results can begin to occur in as little as two weeks. In addition, a few HIIT workouts a week can improve endurance, boost your V02 max, and build lean muscle in under a month.

2-4 Months: Visible Muscle Growth

Most inactive adults who start a HIIT program will start seeing physical results within 8 to 12 weeks. That’s because HIIT causes cells to make more proteins for their mitochondria than other types of exercise, according to a 2017 study in the journal Cell Metabolism. The study found that adults who did 12 weeks of high-intensity aerobic interval training reaped more robust improvements in their muscle protein content than their peers who were on other workout programs.

HIIT Up Body Machine Fitness and Start Seeing Results

If you’re in a time crunch and can’t afford to spend hours in the gym, then a 45-minute HIIT session at Body Machine Fitness might be the perfect solution for you. You can start working toward achieving your fitness goals today by signing up for a free class in Fort Worth or Plano . So, what are you waiting for? Your inner savage is waiting to be let out of the cage.