If your solo trips to the gym have become stale and boring, then you can’t be getting much of a workout. If that’s the case, group fitness might be a better option for you. Here are just some of the benefits of working out in a group setting you may have overlooked.  

Push Yourself Harder  

Humans are natural competitors. Studies show that people who work out with others are more likely to push their edge and exert themselves to the max. When another class member challenges themselves to lift heavier or jump higher, you may be motivated to follow suit. This phenomenon of working harder in a group setting to not be seen as the “weak link” is called the Köhler Effect and motivates you to leave it all on the floor so you never plateau.  

Stay Accountable  

Motivation gets you to class; accountability keeps you coming back. Fortunately, you’ll find accountability is a central theme in any group fitness class. Knowing that others anticipate your presence creates a strong sense of accountability. This shared responsibility cultivates discipline, making sure that members stay on track with their fitness goals, even on days when motivation is hard to find. After all, getting up at 6 am to workout is easier when your friends await you.  

Reduce Risk of Injury  

Exercising without a trainer means you’re more likely to make bad form a habit–and get injured because of it. Group classes are led by worldclass trainers who are invested in the success and safety of their tribe. They monitor every rep for proper form and light up the room with the energy you need to crush your session. By choosing a group workout, you opt for individual support, step-by-step guidance, and the chance to level up safely. 

Find Your Fam 

Humans are wired to be social. A strong community is essential to experiencing a fit and fulfilled life, but that connection can be hard to come by amid the stresses and obligations of day-to-day life. A group fitness class is a great way to bypass the difficulties of making like-minded friends as an adult. After sharing a great workout, with feel-good chemicals pumping through your brain and body, post-class conversation flows naturally.  

Enjoy More Endorphins  

Group workouts have mental advantages, too. Beyond the dopamine release that comes with any exercise, research shows that sweating it out with friends can lead to a major mood boost.  

At Body Machine Fitness, we take this a step further. By immersing members in a theatrical, choreographed sound and light show that is uniquely coordinated to every workout, we sync the room into a group Collective Nervous System. This CNS triggers feelings of energy and euphoria that cloak the room in feelings of love, trust, and community as we cool down. This is the healthy high you’ll want to chase every day, together.  

Exercise is Better Together 

Come sweat with us and experience the power of the BMF community, where every workout is a social hangout, dance party, and therapy session all in one. Join us for group fitness classes in Plano and group fitness classes in Fort Worth. We can’t wait to welcome you to your first FREE group fitness class with open, sculpted arms.