You know the drill:  

  • Set a 5 am alarm…hit snooze seven times  
  • Make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight…quit the gym in February  
  • Write a Sunday to-do list…binge Netflix instead 

So, what gives? Staying motivated is one of the top reasons people fail to stick to a fitness routine. But maybe, a lack of motivation to workout isn’t so much a reflection on your motivation as it is on the workout you’ve been doing. Maybe it’s time to try a fitness studio that takes care of the motivation part for you. 

At Body Machine Fitness, our members are motivated to attend classes for some many reasons. Attend your first free class and you’ll soon learn: 

Your Tribe is Here 

We’re more than a gym; we’re a social club. Every BMF trainer, member, and staff welcomes and accepts everyone who walks through our doors from day one–whether you’re a retired professional athlete or at the start of your fitness journey. Our workouts connect people through a shared and meaningful experience that lingers long after the post-workout shower. This social and encouraging environment makes our members want to show up and push hard day after day as much for themselves as for the power of the group dynamic 

We Offer New Classes Every Day 

Forget boring and repetitive gym routines! Not only does mixing up your workouts help keep your body and mind engaged, but it also prevents boredom and burnout. Keeping things exciting and challenging makes you more likely to stick to your fitness routine and achieve your desired goals.  

At BMF, you will never take the same class twice. Our science-based interval workouts are the most efficient and effective workout you can do in 45 minutes. They’re challenging but self-paced and simple to follow along so everyone can do it and be successful–there’s nothing more motivating than that.  

We Got the Beat 

When you step into the studio, you feel like you’re at the city’s hottest nightclub. Every class features high-octane hits mixed by our in-house DJ along with a synchronized light show. Dopamine is the currency of well-being and we use music to dole it out every day. You read that right; our workouts deliver a healthy “high” that motivates you to get out of bed and be a badass at BMF.  

We’ve Brainwashed You with Neuroscience! 

Body Machine Fitness is the first gym in the world to leverage neuroscience to hack the brain to associate working out with excitement. Every aspect of our classes–the music, the lights, the circuits– is intentional. We tap into your brain’s motivation center and stimulate the dopamine production you need to become addicted to exercise. Body Machine Fitness members crave their daily workouts and never fear the gym. After a week of group fitness classes in Ft. Worth or Plano, you’ll realize you’re no longer starved for motivation and may even have some to spare.  

Ready for your new addiction? 

Body Machine Fitness is the full-sensory workout you’ll want to feel every day.  

Book your free nightclub fitness class today to join our fitness community and see why BMF was voted the Best Gym in DFW for the third year.