Not all gyms get lights right.  

A room’s lighting temperature (warm or cool), color, and intensity can all impact your mood and performance. By now, you’ve probably read about blue light, that evil light from our phone screens that’s often blamed for a bad night’s sleep. Blue light blocks melatonin production and keeps us from falling asleep. 

Traditional gyms and office spaces typically opt for this style of lighting on the theory that it keeps you sharp and focused. But who wants to workout under the glare of harsh lighting?  

Body Machine Fitness came up with a better lighting concept; one that beckons our members back to the studio day after day. It’s a total vibe. Come check us out! 

At Body Machine Fitness, We. Light it. UP! 

Body Machine Fitness knows blue light isn’t enough to get you motivated. Instead of offering a group fitness environment that feels like an all-staff meeting, we created one that looks and feels like an amazing night out with friends.  

Using the entire color spectrum to enhance mood and increase your energy levels, we turn up the music and synchronize the lighting to the beats. Under the spell of our in-house DJ’s high-octane hits, our members get the most out of every workout.  

It’s not just a feel-good effect—it actually enhances your performance. Every Body Machine Fitness group class leverages lights, sound, and community to boost energy levels and rewire your brain to crave exercise.  

Lighting the Way to a Euphoric Workout 

It’s really not the drinks that put us in high spirits at a nightclub. It’s more about the power of artistic lighting, motivating music, and good company that generates our sense of euphoria. The pounding beats and light show that underpin every Body Machine Fitness class are designed to activate the fight or flight response, amping up the energy of the room. With everyone experiencing these high-beta states, a Collective Nervous System is created. It’s like the bond you might remember sharing with high school teammates.  

When these beta-states are combined with the alpha-states produced with the help of lighting in the cooldown, the effect is feelings of love and trust. This combination of beta and alpha states produced by Body Machine group fitness experiences is what keeps people coming back for more. 

The Lights are Always On at BMF 

Like the hottest new nightclub in town, Body Machine Fitness has people talking. Ready to see what the hype is about? Join us for group fitness classes in Plano or Ft. Worth. 

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