Resolutions are So Last Year. Make Fitness Your Lifestyle at BMF!  

The hangover has cleared, and the self-reflection has begun. This month, many Americans are taking part in the long-held practice of surveying their shortcomings and trying to make big changes. 48% of people admit that “improving fitness” is a top priority for 2024. But by February, most resolutioners will fall off the health and fitness wagon.  

We all aspire to lead a more active lifestyle. So why do so many fail?  

You see, humans are wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. For most, working out is uncomfortable and intimidating; it doesn’t stimulate the pleasure pathways. Because of this, many hit snooze, skip workouts, and fail to stick to their fitness goals. What if there was a way to workout that registers to the brain as pleasure over pain and keeps you coming back for more?  

Now there is.  

Keeping resolutions is simple with Body Machine Fitness’ science-rooted, dopamine-fueled HIIT workouts.  

Change Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge  

Breaking free from old habits to introduce new routines is never easy. But it is possible. Here’s how BMF cracks the neuro-code to take working out from a painful chore to your new addiction:  

Brain Science That Replaces Resolutions with Resolve  

Body Machine Fitness is the first gym in the world to leverage neuroscience to hack the brain to associate working out with excitement. Every aspect of our classes–the music, the lights, the circuits– is intentional. We tap into your brain’s motivation center and stimulate the dopamine production you need to become addicted to exercise. Body Machine Fitness members look forward to their daily workouts and never fear the gym. After a week of group fitness classes in Ft. Worth or Plano, you’ll realize you’re no longer laboring through a resolution–you’re forming a lasting habit.  

Workouts That Keep You Grinding and Guessing  

Going hard is gratifying. We expect our students to give it their all in class. We want your muscles to talk to you; we want you to feel it. Our trainers keep it interesting, never repeating workouts and always encouraging you to be a badass through every bead of sweat. The effect of workout variety on your mind makes sticking to your fitness goals easy. After all, when you see and feel results, you’re incentivized to keep pushing and pushing. Soon, you’ll be one of those gym rats who say things like, “You know, pain is just weakness leaving the body.”  

Facilities That Go Above and Beyond 

Our trainers, members, and staff are united by the shared mission to build community by welcoming and accepting everyone who walks through our doors from day one. We make it simple for you to show up. The only items you need to bring to BMF are water, exercise clothes, sneakers, and a healthy dose of curiosity. We provide complimentary towel service and everything else you need: a smoothie bar, grab-and-go snacks, and spa-like locker rooms stocked with vegan body products, hair ties, tampons, antiperspirant, and other little luxuries.  

Don’t Just Change The Way You Workout. Change Your Lifestyle.  

2024 is YOUR YEAR! We’ll plug you into the Matrix, so you can abandon your problems and ride a high that keeps you showing up month after month. Join us for a FREE fitness class today.