Everyone cares about their physical and mental health, but not everyone prioritizes it. The problem? Getting motivated.  


In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by things to do, people to see, and bills to pay—adding another obligation to your to-do list can feel like a punishment. Especially exercise! 


But what if there was a way to make working out feel more like a reward than a chore? Body Machine Fitness has cracked the code.  


By synchronizing lights, music, and movement, fitness classes at BMF studios look more like a nightclub than an average gym. Together, these elements hack the brain to take working out from an activity you endure to a ritual you crave.  


Body Machine Fitness is the world’s first gym to leverage neuroscience to make working out not only effective but addictive. Ready to feel the groove and change your body? First-timers can register for a free fitness classhere. 


The No-Judgement Zone that Gets You inThe Zone 

Synchronized audio, light shows, sweat, and RESULTS. Body Machine Fitness is the full sensory workout you’ll want to feel every day.  


Music that Motivates  

You know that feeling when the beat builds and drops at an EDM concert? We actually recreate that feeling in every class. Think of our music as a motivational coach in your ear, urging you to push harder, go faster, and reach higher. Our playlists are curated to transform your mindset, turning doubts into determination.  


An Atmosphere that Invigorates 

In our group fitness classes, time passes fast as you surrender to the music and lose yourself to the beat. The nightclub-inspired atmosphere creates a group collective nervous system,also called CNS. This motivates everyone to push harder than in a traditional gym setting.  


A Community You’ll Love  

Hate working out? Fine. Never been able to stick with a program long-term?
That’s OK too. Already love working out, but want to change things up? You’ve all come to the right place.  


Body Machine Fitness is for everybody. Our close-knit community makes all feel welcome. We don’t want you to think too much about how you look or if you’re doing as good” as you did last week. Everyone at BMF has your back.  


Science-Backed. Sweaty. Addictive.  

Think of Body Machine Fitness as a club where camaraderie, playfulness, and productivity combine. Sure, our class schedule features weekly workouts like Full Body Sweat, Upper Body Tone, and Lower Body Strength–but they’re never ever the same.  


Our Master Trainer is versed in the science of surprise, using proven methods to keep your mind and body guessing. We never repeat workouts, so you’ll never plateau.  


Why does it work? It’s simple: constant muscle confusion = constant entertainment and constant improvement. And science backs us up! 


Body Machine Fitness is the first and only gym in the world to leverage brainwave entrainment to rewire the brain so that you begin to associate working out with excitement. At BMF, all it takes is a couple of nightclub-inspired group fitness classes to change the way you see working out forever.  

All The Endorphins of a Club, None of The Downsides 

When you engage in physical activity, your body releases feel-good” hormones like dopamine and endorphins–the chemicals that are released when you go to a concert or a club. Over time, these hormones become associated with the activity itself and create positive reinforcement for continuing to show up. 


BMF can help you reprogram your brain to actually look forward to physical activity instead of dreading it. What would it mean for your health if Body Machine Fitness became your new addiction?  

BMF Lights Up Your Brain

Boost Performance and Focus

Our lights aren’t just thrilling to look at; they’re synchronized to get the best physical performance out of you. Think of your eyes like little brains outside of your skull. As they absorb the sensory input from the lights and your ears fill with music, you’re pushed into a high-beta brainwave state. Ever heard of fight or flight? The lights are a tool to control the Body Machine Fitness experience so your body stays primed to fight through the workout without running off the rails into flight mode.


Create Community and Connection

By merging movement, music, and light, Body Machine Fitness classes give way to a group collective nervous system, also called CNS. This shared experience makes you feel powerfully connected to your community and releases hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin to ensure you give your best for yourself and your fellow workout warriors.

Feel The Groove. Change Your Body. Change Your Life. 

Our musically driven HIIT (intervals) workouts take exercise from a chore to your preferred social outing, surrounded by your tribe, united in the moment. Join us forgroup fitness classes in Plano andFort Worth. We can’t wait to welcome you with open (sculpted) arms.