Group fitness classes are not meant to be studios filled with individuals, each following a series of exercises while trying to avoid eye contact with everyone in the room. Whether you want to engage with others or not, the group is the driving force of the class. It creates the energy in the room as you motivate and inspire one another toward shared goals, including weight loss.


In these spaces, the group takes on the challenges and celebrates the achievements of its members. This is the ethos of group fitness – an environment where the collective force propels everyone toward success. If your goal is weight loss, you’ve got a strong community waiting to welcome you at Body Machine Fitness.

Lose Weight, Gain a Community


We all need connection and community. With a tribe behind us, we get a motivational surge that is far stronger than anything we can generate on our own steam. Together we lift each other up, push past our perceived boundaries, and nurture a gratifying sense of achievement that resonates among everyone in the group.


For all these reasons, BMF group fitness classes can serve as a catalyst toward achieving your weight loss goals.

How do we do it?


With the help of a brain-altering sound and light show that syncs with our workouts, class participants undergo a neurochemical release as a single Collective Nervous System (CNS). Though your goal of weight loss may not be the same as others in the room, everyone’s effort is enhanced by a common sense of euphoria. As we cool down together, peace and a shared sense of well-being take over.

The intensity of these experiences brings people closer than you can imagine. Deep friendships are formed at BMF; a result we’re as proud of as the weight loss results our members achieve. Your friends here will be your biggest cheerleaders.

HIIT You Won’t Want to Quit


BMF HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts give you a full-body workout in just 45 minutes. Quick bursts of intense activity followed by rest periods mean you’re burning calories the whole time. Research shows HIIT is highly beneficial for people who want to lose weight because it’s two-for-one, allowing you to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

Body Machine Fitness takes HIIT to the next level by guiding our members through different workouts every day. When you do the same exercises regularly, your body becomes accustomed to them and can no longer effectively burn fat or build muscle. We NEVER repeat workouts, so you never stop improving.

Successful Groups Have Strong Leaders


The structured nature of group fitness classes lends itself to a collective dynamic. The guidance of an instructor not only ensures the effectiveness of the workout but also adds an educational component, empowering individuals with knowledge about their functional muscle groups, how to move safely through a workout, and how to know when it’s time to level up.


Our certified and supportive instructors guide all Body Machine Fitness classes. All you have to do is show up.

Join The Group


We connect members through a shared, meaningful, and effective workout experience that turns into social interactions after the workout, both in the studio and out. When all your friends are there, going to the gym becomes as tempting as avoiding it used to be.


We can’t wait to welcome you with open, sculpted arms! Join us for group fitness classes in Plano and Ft. Worth.