BMF Trainer, Sabrina House



Sabrina House was a professional IFBB Bikini competitor and luxury retail specialist and she comes from a background of various competitive sports - gymnastics, track & field and volleyball. Sabrina fell in love with BMF after a friend encouraged her to try a class with her. The incredible energy and fun vibe captured her right away-enough for her to pursue her passion for fitness and become a trainer. She loves to challenge everyone in her class, push limits and motivate people on different levels. She desires to help everyone find and feed their light burning within...and set it on FIRE!

More B.S.T. (blood sweat tears) than T.L.C. (tender loving care). Her inspo will rock you to your core...with a smile!

One day at a time, small adjustments over time make lifestyle changes happen. Start now!

“It takes courage to trust that the best is yet to come.“ -Sally Ann Roberts

I have a green thumb!

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