BMF Trainer, Ethan Marine

Master Trainer


Ethan Marine came to us from Miami Beach. He coached athletes and celebrities like Shaun T, Diplo, DJ Tiesto, Ronde Barer, Antonio Cromartie, Victoria Secret models, Miami Real Housewives and more, but that’s not why we like him so much. Ethan is special because he found a way to incorporate his decade of experience as a personal trainer into a group fitness setting, making the BMF workouts both fun and effective. Ethan is what you would call a “triple threat” in the fitness industry with experience in personal training, group fitness, and a degree in dietetics from FSU!

He is like a swiss army knife in his coaching style. Most describe him as passionate and thorough. He prides himself in his attention to detail on technique, but it’s unlikely you’ll leave his class without catching some dance moves and a few dad jokes. You’ll get it all from him!

The best workout for you is the one you’ll stick to. Everything else aside, if you don’t enjoy it, there’s a 100% chance you’ll quit.

“Be nice for no reason.”

When he’s not teaching classes or developing the training curriculum for BMF, he’s typically with his wife and two daughters or working out. Ethan eats, breathes, and sleeps fitness with amazing discipline that shows in his passionate delivery he brings to every single class.

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