Sunday Recovery Class

Featured Class

Sunday Recovery Class

Sunday evenings at Body Machine Fitness are all about resetting.

As we wind down the weekend and prepare for the week ahead —we release our muscles, relax our mind, recharge our energy, and return to our center with the simple action of recovery.  



Strength is Knowing When to Slow Down 

We are clearly die-hard enthusiasts about HIIT and high energy fitness, but we’re also here to remind you that you’re only human. Rest and recovery are the best ways to avoid injury and stay safe during your workouts. If you want to see your fitness level improve, there is no way around it.  


Here is how we like to recovery at BMF. 

BMF Encourages R&R 

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you may recall the instructor touting the importance of the final posture: Savasana. In this restorative pose, your body is able to apply and absorb all the hard work you did leading up to it.  

Think of our Sunday Recovery stretching class as the savasana of your weekly workouts. This class focuses on slowing down and addressing the areas that need attention. We incorporate strategic stretching, intentional breath work, and mindful moments to leave you feeling ready to conquer the week ahead. 

Inspired By Yoga with the BMF Edge 

Sunday Recovery class emphasizes slow, methodological movements such as those you would find in a yoga or other mat-based class. Here, we set aside the time our bodies need to recuperate as we move through every muscle group from the joints to the fascia. To ensure you receive maximum restorative power, our stretching class is customized to address any areas of the body we pushed especially hard during the week prior. 

After just a few sessions, you will notice: 

•  Improved flexibility and mobility 

•  Better endurance 

•  A deeper connection between mind and body

•  Less fitness-related injuries 

•  Optimized lung capability

And remember, Body Machine Fitness classes are for everyone no matter how flexible you are or where you’re at in your fitness journey. Everyone needs to recover if they want to see their performance improve.  



Why Guided Recovery Works Best 

There are a couple of problems with stretching on your own. The first is that 9 times out of 10, you just won’t do it. The other issue is that trainer-led recovery sessions are just more beneficial. From the chosen movements to the proper form and adequate hold times, your coach takes your head out of the process. You are free to become fully present and simply follow the leader 

Plus, when you come to class, you get the added benefit of the group dynamic. Recovery classes have some of the most palpable energy in our studios. It’s an experience not to be missed.  

Breath Work is the Best Work 

Breathing tends to be something we take for granted. We do it all day, every day without even thinking about or controlling it! But our breath is the source of virtually all of our energy.  

During Sunday Recovery classes, instructors take our members through guided breathwork. Consciously breathing, holding the breath, sending breath to different parts of your body — these are actions which can help regulate heart rate, lower blood pressure, and even induce a blissful state of mind.  

Book a Free Sunday Recovery Class  

We are so confident in the value of this work, we offer your first recovery class on us! Prepare for a life-changing experience at Body Machine Fitness.  

Body Machine Fitness - Fort Worth, TX


Body Machine FitnessFort Worth, TX

Live in the greater
Fort Worth area?

Looking to transform the way you work out? This is the Body Machine Fitness location for you.

Situated in the heart of Fort Worth just minutes away from the city’s best food, entertainment, and outdoor adventures, Body Machine Fitness in Fort Worth is where you belong. Start your journey with us today.

If even one of your answers is “no,” your gym isn’t cutting it. It’s time to transform your routine with our team at Body Machine Fitness, where we’re helping hundreds of people just like you say “yes” to their workouts.



2300 W. 7th Street, Suite 100, Fort Worth, TX 76107

(817) 657-2923


Mon-Thurs: 6:00am-7:30pm

Friday: 6:00am-6:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am-11:00am

Sunday: 11:00am-12:00pm

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Body Machine Fitness Voted the Best Gym in DFW 2021, 2022 & 2023 

You don’t win Best Gym in the Dallas Fort-Worth area for two years running without doing something right. At Body Machine Fitness, we’re doing a lot right—and we’re doing it like no gym you’ve been to before.  

Here are just some of the reasons to work out with us in Fort Worth. 

  • Extra endorphins, on the house. We’re the first gym in the area to combine neuroscience with exercise. Our workouts hack your brain to keep your dopamine levels high, your mind engaged, and your body moving.  
  • Workout studio—or nightclub? Our studio (aka “The Transformation Room”) is outfitted with nightclub-caliber sound and lighting so you can fully immerse yourself in the environment.  
  • Luxury-level amenities. Alongside our state-of-the-art exercise equipment, our members and visitors enjoy luxury locker rooms complete with rain showerheads, lighted makeup mirrors, and complimentary vegan body products. 
  • People who empower you. Each and every BMF class is led by an experienced, high-energy instructor who keeps you engaged with positivity, humor, and personal attention. Modifications to accommodate injuries or other limitations are always provided without judgment. Everyone is welcome here!  
  • Real results for every skill level. Designed for every experience level, our workouts are scientifically tailored to target every muscle group throughout the week—all while blending strength and cardio to deliver incredible results quickly. With us, you won’t get bored—and your body won’t, either.  

Dallas-Fort Worth Class Schedule 

Have a tight schedule? We got you. Visit our website to check our Fort Worth class times. Every day features a single 45-minute workout offered several times throughout the day between 6am and 7pm, Monday – Friday, and at 12pm Saturday and Sunday. You can’t get a more time-efficient or effective workout anywhere else.  



How to Get to BMF in Fort Worth 

With a convenient location just north of Trinity Park near downtown Fort Worth, our studio is perfect for anyone who lives or works in the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex. 

Driving from Dallas or Arlington? Just take I-30 west through downtown Fort Worth until exit 13A towards Summit Ave. Coming from downtown Fort Worth? It’s a straight shot down 7th Avenue. 

Prefer a different Texas location? Choose a more convenient spot from these Body Machine Fitness locations.

Build a Better You—With Us in Fort Worth 

When cookie-cutter workout routines aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to try something new. At BMF, we combine brain entrainment tools, a High Intensity Interval Training format, world-class instructors, and the most supportive community you’ll find in any Fort Worth gym or workout studio.  

All bodies and fitness levels are welcome here. Especially yours! First timers to BMF train for free, so there is no excuse not to come check us out. We look forward to seeing you in Fort Worth.

Body Machine Fitness - Plano, TX


Body Machine FitnessPlano, TX

Attention Plano, Texas!

Where are you working out these days? Do you love the place? Is it fun?

Does it have a killer sound system, nightclub-level lighting, and good vibes? Have the people there become your community? Most importantly—do you love the results you’ve been getting? 

If even one of your answers is “no,” your gym isn’t cutting it. It’s time to transform your routine with our team at Body Machine Fitness, where we’re helping hundreds of people just like you say “yes” to their workouts.  If you live in Plano or anywhere in the North Dallas area, we encourage you to check out the fitness revolution that’s been going on right here in your own neck of the woods. 



6153 Windhaven Parkway, Suite 130 Plano, TX 75093
(469) 780-8598


Mon-Thurs: 5:00am-7:00pm

Friday: 5:00am-6:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am-12:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am-11:30am

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BMF Voted the Best Gym in DFW 2021, 2022, and 2023 

BMF Voted the Best Gym in DFW 2021, 2022, and 2023 

Body Machine Fitness is like no other gym around. Our classes are rooted in neuroscience and designed to tap into the power of your mind and body.  

When you enroll in our daily 45-minute daily workouts, you’ll be treated to a science-backed, music infused light show that literally hacks your brain. We design our classes to keep your dopamine levels high, helping you break free from the cycle of endless self-motivation and procrastination.  

Set to playlists curated by our in-house music producer coordinated with a mesmerizing light display, our method offers a truly revolutionary exercise experience. There’s a reason Body Machine Fitness was voted Best Gym in DFW for both 2021, 2022 and 2023.  

How to Get to Body Machine Fitness in Plano 

Conveniently located just off the Dallas North Tollway in northeastern Plano, this fitness studio is perfect for anyone in and around Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Addison, Richardson, The Colony and anywhere else in North Dallas. 

Driving up from Dallas? You can take the Dallas North Tollway straight up and take the exit towards Windhaven Parkway. Coming from Plano? Head west on President George Bush Turnpike until it joins with the Dallas North Tollway. From there, head north and take the exit towards Windhaven Parkway. 

Looking for a different Body Machine Fitness Texas location? Find the best fit from these Body Machine Fitness locations. 

BMF Plano Class Schedule 

We get it. Life is busy. But BMF is so efficient, so energizing, and so much fun, that our members never let time stand in the way of their workouts. Our classes are can’t-miss events, filled with supportive uplifting people you’ll love spending time with. 

Better still, with so many classes offered between 5am and 6pm, Monday through Friday, it’s hard for our members to fall back on those old excuses. Weekend classes are also on the schedule. Check out our Plano studio class times to learn more and find out how you can book your first class free. 



Next-Level Group Fitness Classes in Plano 

Designed to be efficient, transformative, and fun, our workouts are periodized throughout the week to target all muscle groups—varying weight, speed, duration, reps, and sets to maximize muscle growth and improve cardiovascular health. 

Just a beginner? Don’t stress. You’re not alone! Every instructor at BMF is more than happy to offer demonstrations and modifications to accommodate any skill level. That goes for you experts in the studio as well. We see you! We’ll get you a good workout. Guaranteed. 

But the fun doesn’t stop with class. Before and after, you’ll be treated to an amenity-rich experience, including luxurious locker rooms outfitted with rain showerheads, lighted makeup mirrors, and complimentary vegan body products.  

Your Plano, TX Fitness Journey Starts Here 

Who has time for boring workouts? We don’t. At Body Machine Fitness, we blend neuroscience and fitness expertise to create classes to bring you great results and a great time. We’ve raised the bar in group fitness, so you can do the same.  

We look forward to seeing you in our Plano studio, where our team can help you revolutionize your workout routine. BMF is a community-oriented club open to all bodies and fitness levels. Come just as you are! 

Full Body Core Burn

Featured Class

Full Body Core Burn

The core is the powerhouse of the body

It includes the many functional muscles that support and surround the spine. A strong core is the key to our strength, stability, and range of motion around our body’s center.

Body Machine Fitness emphasizes core strength in all of our classes, but on Wednesdays we go Deep. This is not your average abs class. This is Full Body Core Burn.



Learn by Burn

While the entire body is fair game, the primary focus of this fun group fitness class is, of course, the core. But let us warn you now- there’s a lot more to this part of the body than many people realize.

The core includes the following muscle groups:

  • Obliques
  • Abdominals
  • Hip flexors
  • Lower back
  • Pelvic floor
  • Glutes

Each group contains smaller muscles that describe their location, size, or relationship to function. Think: “transverse abdominals”- the part of the abdominal muscles that wrap around the spine. Or: “gluteus minimus”- the small gluteal muscles that stabilize the hips.

Though there will be no quiz at the end of the class, expect to learn them quickly as you feel each of them start to burn. (That means it’s working!)

A Strong Core Lets You do More

Maintaining a stable, strong core body is so much more than having a visible six pack, it’s critical to the overall health and wellness of your body. Bringing awareness to these functional muscles and actively engaging them is a positive step toward health and longevity.

Working the crucial core muscles offers so many benefits, including:

  • Better balance and stability
  • Reduced low back pain
  • Improved range of motion, especially in the hips

  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Proper posture
  • Reduced risk of injury

This is a high-energy, fun group fitness class designed to strengthen the core, the very center of our bodies; the solar plexus, the source of our personal and physical strength!

A Core Class You Will Crave

Like all our classes, Full Body Core Burn is set to a synchronized show of light and music to keep you motivated and engaged throughout class. This is brainwave entrainment, our signature neuroscience-backed method of stimulating the brain’s pleasure centers as you perform the workout.

As your instructor leads you through the exercises, the studio environment is working to re-wire your brain so that the entire experience will be one you look forward to, rather than dread. So let the dopamine take hold and the endorphins flow. Soon, time will become meaningless and hard work will feel more like bliss.

This is a science-based approach you can test for yourself. We already know it’s the most fun our members have ever had in a workout!



What to Expect from Your First Core Burn

If it’s your first time at Body Machine Fitness, your first class is free! BMF classes are perfect for everyone—from those who have never worked out before to people who call the gym their second home.

Please plan to arrive 20 minutes early for your first Full Body Core Burn. We’ll introduce you to the instructor, show you your spot and equipment, and make sure you have everything you need before class begins.

Virtually every exercise can be modified to suit those with physical limitations or injuries. Let your trainer know and they will provide whatever modifications are needed, so don’t be afraid to ask! Our trainers are some of the nicest, most supportive people you’ll ever meet.

See You in the Studio!

On Wednesday, we invite you to discover every inch of your core in our immersive fitness playground.

Here, you can finally break free from feeling self-conscious in the gym and instead feel welcomed by a new tribe that will celebrate you just for showing up. How would your life change if Body Machine Fitness became your new addiction?

We can’t wait to see you at our locations in Plano or Fort Worth!

Visit us soon and find out for yourself why BMF was voted the Best Gym in the DFW in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Full Body Sunday Funday

Featured Class

Full Body Sunday Funday

What are Sundays for

if not taking care of your body, nurturing your soul, catching up with friends, and basically— just having some fun?

Well, that’s what we do on Sundays at Body Machine Fitness. Come join us every weekend to experience our version of Sunday Funday.



A Full Body Blast in 45 Exhilarating Minutes

For this once-a-week full body and core strength training session, we clear the floor and set up individual stations, using a variety of different equipment and modalities that your trainer will lead you and your fellow Sunday warriors through. Although we’ll still be working hard with some strength and resistance training, our focus is on having a good time.

At Body Machine Fitness, we specialize in High-Intensity Interval Training (“H.I.I.T.”) because it is scientifically proven to be the most efficient and effective way to burn fat and build muscle. And on Sundays, we work the full body, including the core, in 45 minutes of invigorating, dopamine-fueled euphoria.

And we haven’t even gotten to the energizing lightshow paired with motivating playlists that keep our Sunday Funday crew coming back week after week.

Power to the Beat

Lose yourself in playlists curated by our in-house producer featuring blood-pumping playlists featuring the world’s biggest artists.

We believe music is the answer to engaging and effective workouts— stimulating your brain, improving your performance, and blurring all sense of time and effort. On top of that, we add a synchronized lightshow to trigger your brain’s pleasure centers— activating its reward and pleasure circuits so you are fully present in the moment, tackling every exercise with vigor and pure bliss. Your 45 minutes in the studio will feel more like 10.

Think of it like a nightclub, but it’s scientifically designed for building total body strength—and it’s only available on Sunday.

Every Day at Body Machine Fitness is for Our Community

Central to our goal of next-level fun and fitness, we maintain an environment that’s safe and 100% judgment-free. That starts with our expert trainers, each of whom brings years of top-level fitness experience and a personal passion for helping people achieve their goals. It also extends to our warm, friendly members who pride themselves on positivity and acceptance.

From sweating it out on the floor to luxuriating in our spa-like locker rooms and enjoying a post-workout snackwhat makes your Sunday “fun” will not look the same after you’ve spent one with us.



See you Sunday in the Transformation Room

If you’re looking to enhance your weekend with a transformative experience for the mind, body, and soul, add this full body H.I.I.T. workout to your Sunday schedule.

If it’s your first time at Body Machine Fitness, your class is free! Please arrive 20 minutes early to meet your bad-ass trainer and share any physical limitations or injuries you have. Modifications can always be made so that you still get the full benefit of every strength-building workout.

Last, but not least, have FUN. You are going to work hard, but you are going to play harder!

See You in the Studio!

We can’t wait to see you at our locations in Plano or Fort Worth! Visit us soon and find out for yourself why BMF was voted the Best Gym in the DFW in 2021,2022, and 2023.

Full Body Sweat

Featured Class

Full Body Sweat

Saturday’s are sweaty at
Body Machine Fitness studios

We kick off the weekend with our signature Full Body Sweat class. Expect to hit every major muscle group for forty-five minutes of peak metabolic impact, calorie torch, strength building,and nonstop fun. You don’t want to miss this.

Saturday is Your BMF Sample Platter

Upper body, lower body, cardio, core–it’s all on the table Saturday morning! Full Body Sweat offers a little taste of everything on our workout menu. It’s a dynamic full-body HIIT session designed to trigger your feel-good neurotransmitters while pushing your fitness level to higher performance peaks.



Why Full Body Sweat Works

Full body group cardio and strength classes aren’t only time efficient, they also increase calorie expenditure. Full Body Sweat is the ideal complement to the split training sessions we offer other days of the week.

Here, you will incorporate more functional movements and core elements that impact your everyday life. Observe as your stability, balance, and ease of motion improve with every workout.

A 2019 study found that full-body HIIT training resulted in a greater calorie burn than resistance training,

endurance cycling, and endurance treadmill workouts. When your schedule is packed, you need a time-effective workout. Full Body Sweat at Body Machine Fitness is your secret weapon.

Science-Backed, Surprising, Addictive

Think of Body Machine Fitness as an adult playground where fitness class community, playfulness, and productivity combine. Our instructors are masters of surprise, always incorporating new moves that keep your mind and body guessing. We never repeat workouts.

Our theory is simple: constant muscle confusion = positive engagement (FUN) and observable progress (RESULTS). And science backs us up.

By creating an immersive experience that synchronizes lights, music, and movement, Body Machine Fitness is the first and only gym in the world to leverage brainwave entrainment, so that the brain will quickly begin to associate working out with excitement.

At BMF, all it takes is a couple of high-energy group fitness sessions to change the way you see working out forever.



The BMF Community

In a world where technology keeps us disconnected, Body Machine Fitness is designed to bring people together. There is a distinct group energy that is palpable the moment you walk through our doors.

United in purpose, BMF members and trainers all have each other’s backs. Every class is filled with inspiration, words of encouragement, and the kind of connection that makes us all perform better not just for ourselves, but for each other.

You can ask any of our members about our close-knit community and they will all say that Body Machine Fitness is where exercise meets social engagement meets therapy session.

Feel The Groove. Change Your Body. Change Your Life.

Full Body Sweat is a great starting point if you’re new to Body Machine Fitness. Did you know BMF newbies get their first class free?

Show up 15 minutes before class to get situated, and your charming, experienced trainer will show you the ropes. By the time the first beat drops and the lightshow begins, you’ll feel 100% confident and ready to participate in your first functional fitness group class at BMF.

We can’t wait to see you at our Plano or Fort Worth locations! Visit us soon and discover why BMF was voted the Best Gym in the DFW in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Lace-up your sneakers and get ready to SWEAT.

Lower Body Strength

Featured Class

Lower Body Strength

Tuesdays are all about lower body

strength at Body Machine Fitness

When we blast those glutes, quads, and hamstrings to build sexy, strong legs. Otherwise known as “Booty Tuesday,” this lower body group training class is a favorite among many of our members.

Every week features a brand-new lower body workout, to keep your mind and body guessing. The synchronization of the workout, lights, and music stimulates your mind and emotions so you can push to your limits, whatever those limits might be.

On Booty Tuesday, we focus on the major muscles like quads, hamstrings, and glutes in order to tone and shred those beautiful legs. This is a fully immersive experience that gives ‘leg day’ a whole new meaning. All you need is an open mind and a positive intention; we’ll take care of the rest.



Transformative Group Classes for Lower Body Strength

With playlists curated by our in-house producer to stimulate your mind and emotions, our lower body workouts are equal parts effective and fun. And the best part is there’s no experience needed. BMF instructor-led classes are designed for everyone!

Time is too valuable to waste. Traditional gym workouts can take well over an hour and the average person has no idea how to lead an effective workout. But forty-five minutes is all the time we need to seriously sculpt your legs, trim your thighs, and shape that booty. Train smart and gain symmetry while targeting the largest muscle groups in the lower body.

The Exercises

Though the class routine changes every week, you can count on seeing variations of time-tested moves that are easy to learn and results-driven:

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts

  • Step-ups
  • Glute bridges

Each workout is typically broken into 1 minute intervals of work and rest. This is remarkably effective because anyone can work for 1 minute. It breaks up the monotony of the typical workout and is scientifically proven to be the most effective at getting results. In addition to this method’s many health benefits, interval workouts also produce an after-burn effect known as EPOC, or “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.” This means that your body will continue to burn calories for several hours post-workout.

A Total Sensory Experience with Music & Lights

Ready to rewire your brain to associate exercise with fun and pleasure? Our lower body muscle building and toning classes are synchronized with a daily custom audio and light show in order to lift you up mentally and emotionally.

Every workout designed by our trainers and every playlist, chosen by our very own producer and DJ, is enhanced by a light show synchronized to the rhythm of the music. Each week all three components are different from the last. We do this to keep your body and mind guessing, and to prevent plateauing.

Body Machine Fitness has tapped into the science behind an effective workout and created a totally unique, sensory experience inside our Transformation Rooms. The atmosphere we create together in the studio helps you float above obstacles, tap into reserves and push through those last reps.

Step into a Zen state-of-mind as dopamine, endorphins and other feel-good hormones begin to flow. These neurochemicals are the currency of well-being and have a positive effect on emotions, motivation, and performance.



Science-Based Group Fitness for Leg Strength

We promise you’ve never experienced group fitness classes like ours before. Free yourself from old-school quadriceps and hamstring workouts. Lower body strength training at BMF activates the brain’s reward and pleasure pathways, making those 45 minutes fly by. Get lost in the rhythm of the room as you grow stronger and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

With repetition, Booty Tuesdays at BMF will change your whole outlook on fitness and exercise. Our workouts are so entertaining and inspirational that you’ll never want to take a day off.

Everyone is Welcome to Booty Tuesday!

Body Machine Fitness is an inclusive space for complete beginners, seasoned athletes, and everyone in between. Our amazing trainers are here to offer guidance and support on your personal fitness journey. Tempo, reps, and modifications are tailored to your level and goals.

New to the BMF community? Make new friends in a judgement-free zone where the vibes are positive, and everyone gels like family. That’s the biggest draw of BMF. Because everyone is doing the same thing at the same time—taking the journey together through the ups and downs—it creates a shared experience that bonds people together. It’s no wonder why our members have a popular saying, “I came for workout, but gained a family along the way.”

First BMF Workout? It’s Free!

Your first fun workout class is FREE and guaranteed to leave you inspired and craving more of that sweat-induced high. We are waiting for you with open arms. Stop by our Plano or Fort Worth locations and see why we’re voted the #1 Gym in DFW!



Upper Body Push/Pull

Featured Class

Upper Body Push/Pull

You may not know it yet,

but your body craves movement.

It wants to run fast, jump high, and move dynamically; your body wants to push and pull.

And Mondays at Body Machine Fitness are all about tapping into what your body wants and what your mind needs to make it happen. This is upper body strength training reimagined.



Push and Pull Your Way to the Ultimate Payoff

The upper body, chest, and back get thorough love on Mondays at BMF. Through various weighted compound exercises performed at varying repetitions, this fun workout class focuses on strength and symmetry.

If you’re unsure what muscles push and which pull, we’ll break it down for you:

  • Push: chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Pull: back, biceps, and forearms

Rather than focusing on a single muscle group, opting for a push-pull group fitness class can lead to maximal strength gains. Overhead presses, tricep dips, rows, bicep curls, and more are all on the menu.

Train the Brain, Work the Body

Upper body strength training meets neuroscience every Monday at BMF. By creating an immersive studio environment that synchronizes lights, music, and movement, BMF is the first and only gym in the world to incorporate brainwave entrainment in a group fitness format. In a short time, this process of stimulation will cause you to associate working out with excitement; a feeling you will want to replicate as much as possible.

What to Expect

Expect motivating music, inspiring instructors, friendly teammates, mesmerizing lights, and novel workouts that allow you to achieve more in less time. We never repeat workouts or leave a muscle neglected. The result?

A fast pass to the functional, balanced, strong body you deserve.

Show up 15 minutes before class to get situated, say hi to a few members of the tribe, and meet your motivating, experienced trainer who will show you the ropes. By the time the lights dim and the beat drops,  you will be fully ready to participate in your first upper-body, muscle-building Monday at BMF.



An Efficient, Effective 45 Minutes

Life is busy and beautiful, exhilarating but exhausting. We know that some days the idea of fitting in one more thing feels nothing short of impossible, especially Mondays! That’s why we make maintaining your optimal body not only efficient but fun.

Our 45-minute upper body workouts strategically vary weight, speed, duration, reps, and sets to maximize energy expenditure, muscle growth, and cardiovascular health. Every workout is new, so you are constantly engaged, challenged, and entertained. Time slips away as you surrender to the music and lose yourself in the energy of the class.

Strong Bodies and Clear Minds Start on Mondays at BMF

We won’t say it’ll be easy because nothing worth achieving ever is. Your shoulders are going to shake, and your biceps will beg for mercy. But we also know, as science tells us, that with just a few sessions– you are going to get hooked.

We can’t wait to see you at our Plano or Fort Worth locations! Visit us soon and discover why BMF was voted the Best Gym in the DFW 3 years in a row in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Lace up your sneakers and get ready to push and pull your way to a better you.

Upper Body Tone

Featured Class

Upper Body Tone

What if a workout could do more than change your body?

What if it could rewire your brain?

At BMF, we deliberately design our workouts to facilitate the kind of dopamine release that shifts the way you experience exercise, and Thursday’s Upper Body Tone Class is no exception.

After two days of targeting other muscle groups, we revisit the upper body, but this time with a shift in focus to the accessory muscles. Unlike Monday’s Push/Pull class, where compound movements are central to the workout, UBT classes focus on single-joint isolation exercises to take your mobility and functionality to the next level. Prepare to sweat, smile, and strengthen your shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

As always— Upper Body Tone features the hypnotizing lights, the curated beats, and infectious energy you’ll find in Body Machine Fitness classes any other day of the week!



Thursdays are for Form and Function at Body Machine Fitness

When it comes to refining your upper body’s appearance and strength, incorporating single-joint isolation exercises can be a game-changer. These targeted movements focus on individual muscles, allowing you to sculpt and define your arms, shoulders, and chest. These so-called “secondary exercises” also help to strengthen the muscles that allow your joints to spin, roll, and glide with greater ease.

Upper Body Tone targets those muscles that will see our arms looking bigger, our shoulders rounder, our chest more defined, and overall strength greatly improved. Your BMF trainer will lead you through a comprehensive workout that finds these tricky muscles and makes them work for you, whether you are in our studio or out in your daily life.

Why It Works

These moves zero in on a specific muscle group, so you concentrate directly on its development without engaging surrounding muscles. This precision is ideal for enhancing muscle definition and rectifying imbalances. Whether you’re aiming to fill out your t-shirt sleeves or seeking better overall symmetry,

Upper Body Tone classes are your secret weapon.

An Immersive Muscle Tightening and Toning Experience

Did you know that you can rewire your brain so it craves exercise? Synchronized audio and lighting displays have been shown to activate our bodies’ pleasure centers with the rush of dopamine, endorphins, and other feel-good neurochemicals–it’s that same high we get from going to the club or a concert, but better for us. After repeated exposure–even just a few sessions–your brain will start to want more. You may yet become that gym rat you used to think was totally nuts (but looked undeniably great).

We’re More than a Gym. We’re a Community.

At Body Machine Fitness, working out is never a chore. And part of that is due to the close-knit community we’ve formed. We make working out feel like a social outing, a therapy session, and a dance party all at once. It’s this ineffable feeling of connection that keeps our community pumped and coming back every week. When you’re ready to join us, we’ll be waiting with open (and toned) arms.



We Make Showing Up Simple

If it’s your first time at Body Machine Fitness, your first class is free! We suggest you come in 20 minutes before class to get situated, meet your extremely supportive and motivating trainer, and get everything you will need for your first workout.

Tell your trainer if you have physical limitations or injuries! There is always a modification that can be made to accommodate you. BMF is for everyone and everybody, you included!

Finally, the most important thing to remember is- have fun! Don’t think too much. Everyone at BMF has your back. We are all about inclusivity, positivity, and sweat.

Feel The Groove. Change Your Body. Change Your Life.

Experience the world’s first gym to leverage neuroscience to make working not only effective but addictive.

We can’t wait to see you at our Plano or Fort Worth locations! Visit us soon and discover why BMF was voted the Best Gym in the DFW in 2021 and 2022.

Lower Body Dynamic

Featured Class

Lower Body Dynamic

Hey there, fitness fanatics
and leg-day lovers!

Fridays at Body Machine Fitness are reserved for Lower Body Dynamic Classes, where we dedicate 45 minutes to building and sculpting the glutes, hammies and quads.

Unlike Tuesday’s Lower Body Strength class, this class focusses less on heavy resistance training, and more on isolation, plyometric, and multi-directional movements. Here, we target every angle of the lower body to get the shape and booty bounce-factor everyone wants.



Rethinking Leg Day: The Power of Dynamic Movements

We get it – leg day can sometimes feel like a chore. The monotony of reps and sets can drain your enthusiasm and stifle your motivation. But what if we told you there’s a better, more engaging way to sculpt those legs? Well, there is when you incorporate dynamic movements in your lower body circuit workouts.

Unlike traditional static exercises, dynamic movements involve full-body engagement, functional patterns, and continuous motion. The result? A workout that is more fun, feels more natural, improves flexibility, and ignites muscles you never even knew you had.

Benefits of Lower Body Dynamic Exercises

Lower body dynamic exercises offer benefits that extend far beyond our studio walls. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to spice things up or a beginner ready to get started, lower body dynamic exercises show up in every part of your real life.

Strong legs hold the answer to improved quality of life and greater independence as we age. When you incorporate lower body dynamic exercises into your regimen, you will enjoy benefits such as:

  • Enhanced muscle engagement
  • Increased cardiovascular intensity
  • Improved flexibility
  • Core Strength

  • Better balance and stability
  • Mind-body connection
  • Improved coordination
  • After-burn effect

Work Your Mind and Body

Imagine this: you’re surrounded by energetic individuals, the music is pumping, your body is moving to the rhythm as a coordinated lightshow enhances the beat. This is how your healthy addiction begins.

Body Machine Fitness is known for our in-house music producer and lighting designer who together produce each day’s original “show.” This is the secret sauce, the neuroscience, that elevates the entire workout out of your body and into your mind.

BMF is currently the only group fitness studio using neuroscience to hack the brain. We do this by immersing our members in a choreographed sound and light show to stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers. Because this stimulation feels so good, you will come to crave it.

When you leave Lower Body Dynamics, you will feel stronger. But what you will predominantly feel is a sense of well-being, euphoria, love, and community.



What To Expect from Your First Class

Don’t be intimidated by this lower body class as it is designed for everyone, regardless of your group fitness background. Our instructors are all friendly and will be your biggest supporter down to your last set. If you need modifications to accommodate an injury or other physical impairment, just ask!

Whether you’re an experienced gym-goer or this is your first fitness class, when you enter the Transformation Room, you are instantly part of a collective, caring community. Making friends at Body Machine Fitness is practically guaranteed.

Join the Movement, Unleash Your Power

Ready to redefine your lower body workout routine? Our Body Muscle Fitness Lower Body Dynamic Group Fitness Class is your opportunity to embrace the challenge, connect with a supportive community, and conquer your fitness goals in style.

Step into a world where dynamic movements, group fitness classes, and expert guidance intersect for a workout experience like no other. Come be a part of the family and see why BMF was voted the Best Gym in the DFW in 2021 and 2022.