This is Your Brain on Body Machine Fitness

Human beings were born to move. Though you may not always feel like it, your body wants to push, pull, and jump. It wants to reach new pinnacles of strength and ride the edge of endurance. It’s the brain that needs to catch up with what the body was made for. 

Imagine a reality where you wake up energized and ready to hit the gym. You walk into your local fitness studio, where you see some of your favorite people and like-minded newcomers. Then, as the lights dim and the music swells with intensity–you become fully present for 45 sweaty minutes of euphoria.  

This isn’t some far-off fantasy. At Body Machine Fitness, this is simply how we roll. Every day. 

If you want to free yourself from the imaginary limitations you’ve set for yourself when it comes to exercise, then you need to get your body to Body Machine Fitness. And make sure to bring your brain! 


BMF Gives Your Brain Waves a Boost  

We are the FIRST gym in the world to merge brainwave entrainment and exercise successfully. Brainwave entrainment is the science of stimulating the brain into ​desirable brainwave states like alpha waves, delta waves, or beta waves ​through synchronized music and light.​  

Our workouts induce a high state of arousal that taps into the brain’s reward and pleasure circuits to produce feel-good neurochemicals dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin.  

What’s the big deal?  

These substances control all the good stuff: our sense of well-being, perception of time, euphoria, and overall contentment. When you repeatedly expose yourself to the stimulus of a BMF fitness class, you effectively rewire your mind to crave exercise and all the brain benefits it brings.  

Train Your Brain, Your Body Will Follow 

We sync the room into a Collective Nervous System by immersing our members in a theatrical, choreographed sound and light show that complements every unique workout. Our dance between high-beta states during the HIIT work and alpha states during cooldown cloaks the room in feelings of love, trust, and community.  

BMF Improves Cognition 

You can also think of Body Machine Fitness classes like stretching and strengthening for your brain.  

A study from the Journal of Sport and Health Science showed that high-intensity exercise (like any BMF class) activates a molecule called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF has a hand in repairing and making new brain cells, which all play into optimal neuroplasticity and neural connectivity.  

Significant structural changes in the brain take some time–but not that much. All you really need is a few weeks of regular exercise to reap long-lasting improvements in regions of the mind associated with cognitive tasks. Our members notice big gains in their memory, balance, coordination, and clarity of thinking.  

Feel The Mental Magic at Body Machine Fitness 

Dopamine is the currency of well-being, and we dish it out daily at BMF. The physical effects of our group fitness classes in Ft. Worth and Plano are fabulous, but they’re just a by-product.  

Train your body and your brain like never before. Join us for a FREE fitness class today and experience your brain on Body Machine Fitness.