What is the STYKU Machine?

The Styku is a 3D body scanning machine which is a great tool for tracking personal progress. The STYKU will take a 3D image of your body and provide exact dimensions (like getting measured by a tailor), in addition to your body fat% among other info. This machine extracts millions of measurements in 35 seconds.. The 3D body scans allow for members to get a better perspective on how much their body has changed since they started working out or eating healthier. Members will be able to see where they are gaining muscles over time!

Benefits of the Styku

  • Contactless and autonomous scan is just 40 seconds
  • Painless with no pre-test protocol
  • Calculates body fat ranking by age/gender
  • Provides a calorie intake and daily energy expenditure
  • Customize personal goals and provides estimated date when completed
  • Can show more advanced graphs such as visceral fat, bone mass
  • Provides a health risk screening for Obesity related Diseases
  • Can Compare before/after in 2D and 3D visuals
  • Provides detailed graphs that show changes over time
  • All scans are personally led and guided by our world class trainers

How often should I receive a Styku assessment?

With repeated assessments, members can monitor changes in their body shape and dimensions over time, seeing the results of their fitness routines and nutrition choices. Depending on your goals, we recommend doing a Styku assessment every 6-8 weeks with your trainer.

Styku is simply a measurement tool. You still must do the work. Use the tool to hold yourself accountable & inform the programs you work out with your trainer. Every 30 to 60 days we will re-scan to make sure you’re on track and monitor progress

Operation Instructions

Step 1

Start Body Scan Process
  • Pull hair up (above neckline)
  • Undress down to underwear (no shoes/sock)
  • Step on the turntable and it will automatically start the scan
  • Raise arms away from sides ("A" position)
  • Stand very still
  • Scan starts

Step 2

Answer Questions On Screen
  • Pull up keyboard (icon at lower right corner)
  • Complete your profile

Step 3

Ring Doorbell For Assistance
  • Place your clothes back on
  • Ring the doorbell by door
  • Trainer/staff member will come to complete the assessment