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According to a recent report from Foursquare, more people searched for activities related to self-care – walks, morning yoga, meditation – last Valentine’s Day than in years past. At Body Machine Fitness (BMF) in Plano, our trainers love this trend, because they know the best workouts heal the mind, body and soul.

Show yourself a little love – try a group personal fitness class

Lizzie, a trainer at BMF’s group personal training studio in Plano, believes that taking a fitness class is one of the best things we can do for ourselves on Valentine’s Day.

As she explains, “Love should be the focus on Valentine’s Day, and showing yourself the love by...


According to a recent Life & Style magazine article, the Kardashian (and Jenner) sisters each follow very different diet and exercise routines to maintain their signature curves. Love them or hate them, all of the sisters are in great shape. They also work hard at it. So how do they do it? We asked Debi, a trainer at Body Machine Fitness in Plano, to weigh in.

Embrace your individuality

If you check out a group photo of the sisters, you’ll notice both striking similarities and distinct differences between Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie. While workouts can be customized to sculpt specific parts of the body, Debi always encourages clients to:...

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The fact that 4,000 fitness pros chose HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as the TOP fitness trend for 2018, comes as no surprise to Body Machine Fitness (BMF) Master Trainer Ethan M. “I am a science nerd, and HIIT has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat by stimulating your post metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn AFTER your workout), so it’s a no brainer for me,” Ethan says.

He also loves HIIT workouts because they are high-tempo and high-energy in nature. As Ethan explains, “The HIIT group workouts at our Plano boutique fitness studio give our members super powers in class. They end up doing things they’ve never done before in their...

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If you’re like the millions of Americans who resolved to lose weight and get healthy this year, the odds may be stacked against you. According to a recent study by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, only 37 percent of people in their 20s and 16 percent of people 50+ stuck to their fitness resolutions after two months. Don’t fret! You can increase your odds of success by taking a few simple steps.


We asked Body Machine Fitness (BMF) co-founder and...

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