How do I sign up for my first FREE class?

We can’t wait to meet you! In order to book your free class, click on the FIRST CLASS FREE link at top right of this page and follow the instructions to contact one of our amazing staff members.

What kind of workouts does BMF offer?

We offer 1-hour, instructor-led High-Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”) classes which alternate between short rounds of cardio intervals and strength training. The workouts change daily, focusing on lower-body, upper body, and total body. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

The transformation room features a state-of-the-art audio and lighting system which is synchronized to each workout in order to create a unique and amazing immersion experience. The result is an incredible workout that flies by in what feels like 10m. That's why our members are addicted!

What does my fitness level have to be in order to take a BMF class?

All fitness levels are welcome. While the class is led by a highly exclusive trainer, you push yourself as far as you want to go in every class. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete, BMF is ready to help you oil the machine, get fit, and have fun.

What should I wear/bring to class?

The classes are focused on strength and running exercises. You’ll want to wear athletic clothing and athletic shoes. Towel service will be available and our spa-like locker rooms come fully stocked with all-natural shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash and all the amenities such as bath towels, hair dryers, hair products, q-tips, hair-ties and more. Additionally, the BMF Bar will have pre- and post-workout drinks for purchase, if you don’t bring your own.

What kind of music plays during the workouts?

The music and lights are equipped to match our upbeat and fast paced BMF classes. While we don’t know everything that goes on inside our DJ’s head, we can tell you he’s an invaluable member of our team who is ready to give you the boost you need to have a good workout and focus on becoming your best self. Feel free to throw in some dance moves of your own while you’re getting your sweat on!

Do you have locker rooms?

Yes. With the each locker room, we have plenty of lockers available with built in keyless locks that are available for your personal items, so no need to worry about bringing your “old school” padlock. Our locker rooms also have showers that come fully stocked with everything you need, including: natural shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and facial wash products. Towels are also provided, along with amenities such as hair dryers, hair products, and more.

What if I have an injury?

First, consult with your doctor to make sure you can participate in physical training exercises. If you’re clear, find your BMF trainer before the class begins so the exercises can be modified to best fit your needs. Our trainers are here to be positive, encouraging motivators, so please feel free to connect with them. They won’t bite, we promise!

What amenities do you offer?

What amenities don’t we offer? Our BMF Bar offers a wide selection of options, including all-natural smoothies, acai bowls, and fresh juices which can be enjoyed at one of our sitting areas, either inside or on our outdoor patio. Our locker rooms have bathrooms and showers with our very own BMF hair and body products and towel service is available throughout the day.

What is on the BMF Bar menu?

The BMF Bar offers flavorful smoothies, juices, power bowls and other healthy snacks packed with nutrients to help you refuel after each workout. We have also specially formulated our own line of clean, all-natural supplements that are exclusively sold in our studio! Click here to see the full menu.

Do you provide day care for children?

We love kids, but unfortunately we do not provide child care services. However, while kids are not allowed in the Transformation Room, they're more than welcome to join you at the BMF Bar for a nutritious smoothie or healthy power bowl. You can never start good eating habits too early!

Are classes indoor or outdoor?

Due to the type of equipment and workout environment BMF offers, all classes will be held in our indoor, fully functional, teamwork-oriented Transformation Room. We keep the room dark and air conditioned to help you focus on your body, mind, and soul at all times. Music from our in-house DJ will be constantly playing and LED lights will perform a light show while you exercise.

How often should I take classes to get the results I want?

We recommend 5 classes per week as an optimal number, with 3 classes per week being a minimum. If you're only coming twice a week, every time might feel like your first time again. Part of the transformation process comes from building endurance. You can certainly take more than 5 classes per week, but we recommend a rest day to give your muscles time to catch up with the rest of your body and regenerate.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • Early Cancel: An early cancel is any cancellation (in studio, online or by phone) that occurs at least 8 hours before your reserved class. If you early cancel, you will not be charged a fee.
  • Late Cancel: A late cancel is any cancellation (in studio, online or by phone) that occurs within 8 hours before your reserved class. Late cancels will be charged as follows: memberships will be charged $10 and clients with class packages will lose one class.
  • No Show: A no show occurs if you do not cancel AND do not show up for your scheduled class. If you no show, memberships will be charged $10 and clients with class packages will lose one class.

What if I miss my class?

We call this a No Show, which means that you did not cancel AND did not show up for the class.

A no show is the worst because it may could prevent other members from choosing their desired spot and/or not being able to attend the class.

Especially if there is a waitlist...many members won't even bother to show up because they think they won't get in. This results in a lost opportunity for the member as well as lost revenue for the studio.

If you no show you will be charged $10 if you are a member, or lose a class if you are using class packs. To avoid this, please cancel your class at least 8 hours in advance.

What if I’m late to class?

If you arrive after class starts, your spot will be forfeited to the next person on the wait list and you could be charged a late cancellation fee. Once the workout starts, it becomes distracting to the other patrons if the door keeps opening in the Transformation Room. Our studio runs like clockwork, so don’t be late!

How far in advance do I have to reserve my spot?

You can reserve classes up to 7 days in advance. Our classes fill up fast, so we suggest booking as far out as possible.

I'm pregnant/I just had a baby - can I take this class?

First, consult with your doctor to make sure you can participate in physical training exercises. If you’re clear, find your BMF trainer before the class begins so the exercises can be modified to best fit your needs. No matter what the exercises are, go at your own pace and feel free to take breaks whenever you need to. And don’t forget to pick up a nutritious smoothie or energy bowl at the BMF Bar! Nutrition is just as important as exercise.

How early should I arrive for class?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class so we can provide instructions, help you complete any last minute paperwork, teach you how to use the lockers, and introduce you to the trainer.

Is there an age limit for participation in the fitness classes?

We allow 15-17 year old participants with a signed release by a parent or legal guardian prior to the class. Because of the intensity of the class and the equipment offered in the room, we can’t accept anyone younger than 15, but we encourage teens to transform into their best selves, too!