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We’re Working Out with 22KILL, Here’s Why You Should Join Us

Body Machine Fitness (BMF) is joining forces with 22KILLto raise awareness and funds to combat the suicide epidemic plaguing veterans, first responders and law enforcement officers. FACT: An average of 22 veterans die by suicide every day. This staggering statistic, released by the VA in 2012, was the inspiration behind 22KILL, a non-profit that focuses on suicide prevention through empowerment.

Get details about the BMFx22KILL Challenge here.

For 22KILL CEO Jacob Schick, a third generation combat marine, this unnecessary loss of life really hits home. “I’ve been pretty involved with 22KILL since the beginning, because its mission is near and dear to my heart. I know more brothers and sisters who have died by suicide than were killed in combat, so it’s something that has affected me personally and profoundly on a number of levels.”

How working out helps our warriors regain hope and their lives

Veterans, first responders, EMTs, fire fighters and law enforcement offices are very accustomed to physical activity. However, according to Jacob, “That often changes when they come home or retire from duty, and they lose the avenue or drive to be physically active. This in turn builds on their stress, anxiety and depression. So working out can be a physical outlet and help mentally and emotionally as well.”

BMF’s nutritionist Mo Brossette, who is also a Director at The Adaptive Training Foundation, helps people battling post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) adapt to the mental, emotional and physical aspects of training and life. He has also seen the benefits our heroes experience – physically, mentally and emotionally – by taking part in group workout activities.

As Mo explains, “The primary reason these warriors need to work out is to reduce stress and gain focus. It’s important for people with PTS and TBI to move their bodies, because it helps the brain get oxygen and fire properly. Group workouts also provide a great opportunity to reintegrate into a community and build trust in other folks.”

Your support can make a difference – to the warriors and YOU

Jacob encourages people to get involved in the BMFx22KILL Challenge not only to raise awareness of the suicide epidemic among our warriors, but to also be part of something bigger than one could possibly imagine. As he explains, “The whole point behind this fundraiser is to be a part of something greater than you. Speaking for myself, when I signed on the dotted line, I was signing a blank check that was payable up to and including my life, because I felt like everyone here back home was absolutely worth fighting, bleeding and dying for.And I still feel that way.

“I truly believe when these first responders and law enforcement officers sign on the dotted line, they feel the same exact way as well. It’s not just a profession – it’s a passion. Unfortunately, in our industry, we hear significantly more about our losses than our victories, so just by showing up and participating in this – that alone is a victory and it’s good for morale. We are just very grateful and humbled that we’re able to do this, because we never know the impact we’re going to have on a soul when we do things like this.”

For his part, Mo looks forward to opening more eyes to the magnitude of the problem and the challenges these warriors face. “It’s vital to continue to build awareness about our veterans and first responders with PTS and TBI, regarding what they go through on a daily basis, minute by minute and hour by hour. They’ve seen a lot in battle, in the line of duty and first responding. Twenty-two humans take their lives every day. This is clearly an epidemic that needs to be addressed,” Mo says.

It’s easy to take part!

All you have to do is join us for a workout at BMF or make a donation online. Of course we’d love to see you in person, and so would the warriors from 22KILL, who will be joining us for special workouts from May 22-June 22, 2018. You’ll also have a chance to earn 22KILL swag, hats, T-shirts and a 22KILL ring when you participate.

Make a donation here:http://bit.ly/BMFx22KILL

Here’s the scoop:

What: Body Machine Fitness x 22KILL Challenge Fundraiser

When:May 22-June 22, 2018

22KILL Challenge Classes

BMF will donate additional proceeds based on the participation in each of the 22KILL Challenge Day classes. Simply show up and work out during the special Challenge Classes. Stay tuned for more to come as well!

Special Class Days:5/31, 6/7, 6/14, 6/21 at 9:45 a.m.

New to BMF? Your first class is ON US. Veterans and first responders who become a member during the #BMFx22KILLChallenge, also get 22 percent off their first month’s membership dues. PLUS, we don’t charge any pesky enrollment or cancellation fees EVER.

Get additional details about the BMFx22KILL Challenge and sign up for Challenge classes here. OR Give us a call at 214-396-8585 to speak with a BMF representative during business hours.