Want to Get Beach Body Ready? Start NOW and Think Long-Term

Summer will be here before we know it. If you’ve put on a few lbs. this winter and want to get in shape to hit the beach or pool by summer, you better start now. According to Body Machine Fitness Plano trainer David C., “Committing to 90 days of eating right and exercising will allow you to see results in a safe and healthy timeframe.”

It also sets the foundation for a long-term approach to looking and feeling good. “What I really like to ask people who come to our Plano fitness studio is whether they are looking for a beach body or a lifetime body. If your goal is beach body, you’re giving yourself permission to take the short-term track. Why not choose the long-term?” David says.


Small incremental changes lead to better results over time

David recommends approaching both diet and exercise in increments, instead of looking for a quick fix – like crash diets – that aren’t sustainable.

As he explains, “When you make small, consistent changes – instead of radical changes – you can build on them over time. Some simple changes you can make now include:

· Go to bed at a consistent time and shoot for at least seven hours of sleep a night.

· Make it a priority to have some sort of vegetable with every meal.

· Drink an adequate amount of water.

If you want to sculpt and tone your body, it needs rest, healthy nutrients and hydration to function at a level that optimizes recovery post-workout as well as weight loss. To learn more about small changes you can make to get fit and healthy, talk to your fitness trainer or coach. At BMF, you can also get nutrition advice and help with meal planning and preparation from our in-house nutritionists.”

Want a beach body – or lifetime body – all year ’round? Here’s how:

1. Keep track of your progress. “In order to get in shape and keep the weight off, start by measuring where you’re at, then measure consistently every 30 days or so. That way you can adjust what you’re eating or how you’re working out if you’re not seeing results,” David says.

BMF members have access to a Styku 3-D body scanner, which makes tracking progress easy. According to David, “There’s a great saying: ‘What gets tracked gets managed.’ The Styku takes precise measurements and tells you how many calories you should consume and burn in order to reach your goals. That’s one of the tools our members love here at BMF.”

David also cautions people to be mindful about overeating AND under-eating. At BMF, he regularly talks with members about both the quality and quantity of food.

“Losing weight is about more than calories in and calories out. Your body needs quality nutrients to function at an optimum level. If you eat too few calories, work out intensely and wonder why you can’t lose weight, your body could be resisting letting the fat go, because it thinks you’re starving. If you replace a 1,000 calorie cheeseburger with a 1,000 calorie veggie-heavy, nutrient-rich meal, your body will be better equipped to recover from intense workouts and burn fat,” explains David.

2. Stick with it. Consistency trumps everything when it comes to movement and nutrition. “You have to keep moving. Whether that means taking a group fitness class several times a week or working in a bike ride, long walk with your dog or other form of physical activity when you can’t get to the gym or fitness studio – stick with it,” David says.

You also can’t expect your body to change without doing the work. If you can find a workout studio with a supportive community, fun atmosphere and high-energy group personal workouts like BMF offers, you’ll want to keep going back.

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3. Don’t rely on cardio alone. Running or cardio-only workouts are only half the solution. As David explains, “At BMF our group personal fitness classes include both HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and resistance training. You need both to increase lean muscle and strength, without building bulk. The stronger your muscles get, the more efficient they are at utilizing energy and burning fat.”

Get on the road to a 365-day beach body with BMF: Your first class is FREE!

If you live near our Plano group personal training fitness studio, come see us. We’d love to learn more about you and your fitness goals and help you get fit and stay fit for life.


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