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The Surprising Way More People Are Loving Themselves on Valentine's Day

According to a recent report from Foursquare, more people searched for activities related to self-care – walks, morning yoga, meditation – last Valentine’s Day than in years past. At Body Machine Fitness (BMF) in Plano, our trainers love this trend, because they know the best workouts heal the mind, body and soul.

Show yourself a little love – try a group personal fitness class

Lizzie, a trainer at BMF’s group personal training studio in Plano, believes that taking a fitness class is one of the best things we can do for ourselves on Valentine’s Day.

As she explains, “Love should be the focus on Valentine’s Day, and showing yourself the love by taking care of your body should be high on your list. Start viewing working out as a celebration of what your body can do, rather than a punishment for what you haven’t done or what you’ve eaten.”


Look for a group fitness studio and trainers who will show you the love

Have you ever walked into a big box gym, yearning for a sense of community, then left feeling isolated, deflated and disappointed? Then it’s time to reassess your fitness studio options. Instead, find a place where the trainers are invested in your success, and it’s exhilarating to work out with other people.

That’s how BMF is different. “Let’s be real, some days you don’t want to workout, so we do our best to make it the best hour of your day. Our trainers are highly trained fitness professionals who keep you safe, encourage you to get the most out of your workout and have a great time.

“We also have a great tribe of members that come in all shapes, sizes and athletic conditioning levels. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll feel welcome at BMF,” Lizzie says.

Whether you head to class alone or with a partner, you’ll feel the love at BMF

One of BMF’s main goals has always been to create a supportive and inclusive environment. So if you’re checking out BMF for the first time on your own, be prepared to love yourself AND feel the love of our tribe!

Sharing the loving experience of burning calories with a BFF or partner is a great idea, too. As Lizzie loves to say, “The couple that works out together stays together.” Enjoying a mutual experience, whether you’re hanging out or working out, can help reinforce bonds of friendship and love.

Show your heart some love – with cardio and words of affirmation

If you’ve ever worked out at BMF or read our blog, you know we believe HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is the key to an effective workout and body transformation. The cardio you get during HIIT is excellent for your heart.

“We always offer cardio conditioning during our group personal training classes. This is a great way to not only work the heart muscle, but it begins the process of leaning you out, so you start seeing all those muscles you work so hard for. In addition to cardio, we do strength conditioning, focusing on different body parts every day,” Lizzie says.

After the trainers finish pushing our members to their limits and beyond, they take time to refuel their souls.

As Lizzie explains, “We really push members to give it all they’ve got during a workout. After we’ve broken them down, when we stretch, we talk to our members and share little affirmations. My members call these the ‘Thoughts of Lizzie.’ We’re there to fill them back up and fill up their cup. That’s where the soul comes into play at BMF.”

Ready to show yourself a little love? Sign up for a FREE class at BMF!

That’s right, your first class is on us! And if you are new to BMF, live near our Plano fitness studio and are reading this during Valentine’s Week, we welcome you to work out with us for free every day February 11-17, 2018.


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