So Long Bathroom Scale! 7 Ways to Track Fitness and Stay Motivated That Really Work

Have you ever stepped on the scale, hoping you’ve lost a few pounds, only to find you haven’t lost an ounce? Does this news propel you toward the nearest bag of chips, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or the Whataburger drive-thru? Then it’s time to ditch the bathroom scale and change the way you think about and track fitness goals. We asked Body Machine Fitness Plano personal trainer Debi to explain how.

Set yourself up for success: Ditch the scale and make small changes to daily habits

“I don’t own a scale. I hate the scale, and I hate the numbers on the scale, because they sabotage our fitness goals. When people are working out and eating healthier, and then they don’t see results on the scale, it can be really demotivating. To get back on track and stay motivated, it’s essential to change how you think about weight loss and track fitness in a different way, ” Debi says.

One of the first things Debi asks clients to think about is the lifestyle changes that got them OFF track in the first place.

As she explains, “It might be small habits. Maybe you started eating too much dinner or eating out every night or drinking more alcohol during the week. Look at those things first and stop worrying about what the scale is saying. You just need to make small changes and reverse those habits to get back on track. As long as you make those lifestyle changes, you will see results.”

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Seven smart ways to track fitness and stay motivated

So the scale is out … what other options are there? Debi recommends the following:

No. 1: Keep a record of all the awesome ways you’re following a healthier path.

“Maybe your plan is to eat more vegetables at every meal, drink more water every day or swap happy hours with going to the gym. Track your accomplishments and see how consistent you can be,” Debi says.

No. 2: Take progress photos.

You see yourself every day in the mirror, so you won’t notice small changes. In fact, you probably won’t notice changes in the mirror for two months. What happens when we don’t see results, motivation TANKS. Instead, take a selfie once a week – wearing the same clothes – and over time you’ll SEE that you’re getting more fit. Now that’s motivating!

No. 3: Embark on a benchmark test.

One of the nifty tools members of BMF, can take advantage of at our boutique fitness studio in Plano is the state-of-the-art Styku 3D body scanning machine. Instead of measuring weight, the Styku tracks body fat percentage and inches lost. Debi recommends getting a benchmark test on day one, then revisiting results in four weeks.

As she explains, “With the scale, you weigh yourself, and some weeks you’re up and others you are down. When you’re working out, you gain muscle and lose fat. Measuring body fat percentage and inches on the Styku makes more sense than tracking weight loss, because muscle is more dense than fat, so it takes up less ‘space’ on your body. This will reflect as inches lost, rather than lost pounds on the scale. So if you haven’t lost weight in a month, but your body fat percentage is down and measurements are coming down, that shows progress. How motivating is that?”

No. 4: Check your skin.

One of the best ways to get a natural looking glow is to exercise and eat well. “We always look the most attractive after a workout, because the skin is glowing. If you look in the mirror and see that healthy glow, your body is responding in a positive way,” Debi says. Go for the glow peeps!

No. 5: Do the favorite jeans test.

We all have an old pair of favorite jeans in the closet that we want to get back into. Track your progress by how those jeans and other items of clothing fit from month to month. If they’re getting looser, you’re making progress. Embrace that progress and keep your good habits rolling. If they’re still snug – or getting snugger – you need to revisit those daily habits.

No. 6: Set a scary goal.

“I’ve always got something on my agenda for the year, like a marathon or an endurance bike race. This keeps me on track with my exercise and helps me stay motivated, because I know I have to eat and hydrate properly to execute that goal. Consider signing up for a 5K or a 30-day plank challenge. Just find something fitness related so you’re motivated to stay on track. Recruit a buddy to join you for added motivation,” says Debi.

No. 7: Assess your sleep.

Remember what a great night’s sleep you used to get as a kid, after playing outside all day with your friends? Treating your body right can help you sleep better as an adult, too. As Debi explains, “When you’re expending extra energy and eating healthier, you’re more likely to have a good night’s sleep. If you notice you’re sleeping better, that’s a great sign that your body is happy and you are getting healthier.”

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