Losing Steam? 5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Pursuit of the Ultimate Summer Body … Effective Workouts Help!

As summer nears, are you panicking that you won’t reach your beach body goals? Staying motivated to get fit can be tough, especially when you’re working out and eating healthy but not seeing results. Have no fear! The Body Machine Fitness (BMF) team is here with a few motivational tips to help you push through, tap into effective gym workouts and reach your summer body goals.

Tip No. 1: Get real with yourself.

One of the biggest reasons people get frustrated during a weight loss journey is the unrealistic expectations they set. If you want to lose 30 pounds, don’t expect to hit that goal in a month. Get real. Odds are good you didn’t gain that weight in a month, and even better that you won’t lose it that fast. Instead, shoot for a sensible two pounds per week. It’s doable, it’s healthy and it’s realistic. Even better – it adds up over time. Stick with it, and you’ll get there!

Tip No. 2: Keep it interesting.

Bored with the same old exercise routine? Then shake things up. At our Plano gym, our workouts, playlists and light shows change every single day, so our members never get bored. If you don’t live near our Plano group personal fitness studio, don’t fret! You can still kick boredom to the curb by introducing different types of workouts to your routine.

Whether that means joining a running club, ballroom dancing, HIIT classes or yoga, when you switch things up you’ll challenge your mind and your muscles. You might even make some new friends.

Tip No. 3: : Opt for more effective exercises (give HIIT + resistance training a go).

If you haven’t tried high-intensity interval training (HIIT) yet, you should. HIIT workouts involve short bouts of effort with periods of recovery in between. BMF’s Master Trainer Ethan swears by HIIT workouts, because they keep working, even post-workout. As he explains, “HIIT has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective gym workouts to burn fat by stimulating your post metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn AFTER your workout), so it’s a no brainer for me.”

But don’t rely on cardio workouts – like HIIT – alone. According to BMF trainer David, “Running or cardio-only workouts are only half the solution. At BMF our group personal fitness classes include both HIIT and resistance training. You need both to increase lean muscle and strength, without building bulk. The stronger your muscles get, the more efficient they are at utilizing energy and burning fat.”

Tip. No. 4: Keep your body guessing to combat plateaus.

While it may sound counterintuitive, occasionally increasing calorie intake and intermittent fasting may be just what you need to reignite weight loss. According to BMF nutritionist Alix, “The body will always fight for homeostasis. It wants routine, something normal it can count on. Whatever you teach it is what it will try hard to hold onto. There will always be plateaus, so it’s important to keep the body guessing. Increase calories by a couple hundred one day and lower calories the next day. Or try changing up your macronutrient profile, for five days eat higher fat/lower carb and one day higher carb/lower fat. Add in Intermittent fasting one or two days a week or change up your workout routine. If you lift heavy all the time, start adding in some endurance sets and perhaps some intervals, for more effective workouts and better long-term results.”

Get Alix's 10 super easy tips for eating healthy here.

Tip No. 5: Embrace mindfulness.

When it comes to eating healthy, Alix is a huge proponent of mindfulness, something she encourages her clients to commit to at every turn. As she explains, “So many people eat when they are stressed, anxious or tired. They eat when they’re not hungry, because they’re using food as a coping mechanism. To become more mindful about food, take five to 10 DEEP breaths prior to eating. CHEW your food, and try your best to eat without distraction. THINK about the food you’re eating instead of just shoving it in your mouth.”

If you’ve eaten in the past two or three hours, Alix recommends asking three questions before reaching for a snack:

1. Am I tired?

2. Am I stressed?

3. Am I actually hungry?

“If you answered ‘yes’ to 1 and 2, you’re likely in need of some rest! Consider trying a short five to 10 minute meditation (we like the Insight Timer app). If you answered yes to 3, then by all means, grab a snack, preferably something with a little protein and fat. Try some two percent or full fat plain Greek yogurt with raw cacao powder or almond butter mixed in or dip deli turkey into hummus or guacamole,” Alix says.

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