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Lessons from a Pro: The Top 5 Songs to Add to Your Workout Playlist NOW

If you really want to get pumped up during a workout and relax during a cool down, the right music makes a huge difference. At Body Machine Fitness (BMF), we believe in the power of music so much, we hired Tog Bomb, a nationally renowned music producer and DJ, to curate and compose music for our group personal training classes in Plano.

Over the past 10 years Tog has produced music for TV shows, legendary artists like Ludacris and Lil Jon, movie trailers and sound effects for feature films like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Spider Man: Homecoming and others, as well as commercials for the likes of Lexus and Taco Bell. You’ll also find him performing at some of the biggest music festivals in the country.

From Dallas to Hollywood to NYC to BMF – how Tog’s expertise elevates workouts at BMF

Thanks to his diverse and extensive experience, creating music and playlists for BMF group personal training classes comes naturally to Tog. He also instinctively knows what people want to work out to, which is why Tog was the perfect choice to be the in-house music producer and DJ for BMF. So how does he do it?

“I download thousands of songs every month, then sort them by genre, style and keys. The next step is to figure out which songs can flow together and have the right level of energy for the different segments of the workouts that our Master Trainer Ethan creates,” Tog says.


Thanks to Tog, when you come to our Plano fitness studio, you won’t hear the same old playlists that run repeatedly at traditional big box gyms or the random, mismatched tunes you’ll find at other group workout classes and trendy boutique fitness studios.

This is no easy task, because at BMF, the combination HIIT (high-intensity interval training)-resistance training classes change every day, with each class running through an endless series of highs and lows.

Producing BMF’s workout music is a painstaking process. Each segment of music needs to align with the peaks and valleys of the workout, from the all-out sprints and heavy drops of the HIIT segments to the less intense, lower beats that fit with a slow jog, calf raise or arm curl.

Along with creating workout music and playlists for every BMF workout, Tog is also responsible for synching the music with lighting software to create the one-of-a-kind light shows that BMF members love. He also produces all of the music for the BMF website, commercials and videos.

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Want to create a crazy workout playlist of your own? Tog’s tips and top picks

According to Tog, “Music is very subjective, so it helps to start with music from your favorite genres. Then, if you’re willing to stretch beyond that realm, look for remixes of your favorite artists and genres. You’ll also find tons of good playlists on Spotify and Google Play. Look for songs there and add the ones you like to your workout playlist over time.”

Not sure where to get started? We asked Tog to share his top workout playlist picks to help get the ball rolling.

No. 1: “Get it” by Busta Rhymes, featuring Missy Elliot & Kelly Rowland

“The sub bass hits really hard and Busta Rhymes’s flow is so crazy that it gets me moving anytime I hear him,” Tog says.

No. 2: “We Want Your Soul” by Dada Life

Tog loves this tune, because it’s an “EDM (electronic dance music) track at its finest … with a melodic breakdown and vocal that builds into a crazy drop. This style of dance music is what Dada Life is best known for.”

No. 3: “More Than You Know” (Wiwek remix) by Axwell & Ingrosso

According to Tog, “Another dance music track, but this one is in the genre called Jungle Terror: high intensity drop with crazy drums and percussion.”

No. 4: “I Shyne” by Lil Pump & Carnage

“Ridiculous trap rap,” says Tog.

No. 5: “Kolony Anthem” (Mike Cervello remix) by Steve Aoki (featuring ILoveMakonnen & Bok Nero)

Tog recommends this song, because, “It’s a really high energy dance track with dope rap vocals and a catchy hook.”

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