Guys, Want to Get Stronger, Faster and Shredded More Quickly? Here’s How

When it comes to working out, cybersecurity consultant and exercise enthusiast Greg N. has tried just about everything – big box gyms, trendy fitness studios, group fitness classes, CrossFit, spin classes, running clubs – you name it. When he realized a 45-50-minute fitness class at Body Machine Fitness (BMF) in Plano yielded results that take up to two hours elsewhere, Greg was hooked.

The 36 year old was introduced to BMF when he stopped in for a smoothie after attending a runner’s social event in Plano last summer. Curious about what BMF had to offer, Greg thought he’d give one of our group personal training classes a try.

“There are two things I look for in a gym or fitness class. I look for a place where I can get results and that extra push you need from a trainer to keep going. At BMF, I feel like I get a personal training session every day,” says Greg.


It’s a different kind of HIIT: ‘I peak more often’

BMF’s group personal training classes combine HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with resistance training and weights, something Greg found lacking in other exercise regimens and programs he’s tried.

As he explains, “A lot of guys are into lifting, and I get that, I like lifting, too. But most guys who lift admit they need more cardio. I’ve also taken classes at big box gyms that focused either on cardio or reps with weights. On the high-rep days with weights, I felt like the cardio wasn’t there, and with the cardio or spin classes I took, I felt like my upper body wasn’t engaged.”

BMF’s HIIT classes made a huge difference for Greg. “It’s a different kind of HIIT, in that I peak more often than any other HIIT programs I’ve done. Plus, with the weights, you have the option to go heavier and feel that instant pump as well. In addition to cardio, the mixture of both really hits the spot,” Greg says.

‘I haven’t seen results like this ever … and it’s a lot of fun’

After becoming a full-fledged member, Greg also took advantage of BMF’s 3-D Styku body scanning machine. As he explains, “I have had a few body scans since I officially joined, and my progress has been amazing. I haven’t seen results like this ever. I’m a firm believer in BMF, and it’s a lot of fun.”

What makes BMF’s group personal training classes so fun and rewarding for Greg? Top-notch trainers, one-of-a-kind atmosphere and music playlists that fit just right.

According to Greg, “It’s an amazing, inviting atmosphere that I really enjoy, and the trainers have been excellent. You can tell they are top notch by how they conduct themselves, and the meticulous details they put into every class. I feel like I get a different workout every day I go in – whether it’s legs, core or upper body – you never do the same thing twice.

“The music seems to be specifically tailored to the classes, too, which also plays a big role. When you want to hit a peak, you want the music to coordinate with it. Sometimes I don’t even have to listen to the trainer, because I know it’s time to go all out, just because the music is getting there.”

‘It’s the best overall fitness program out there for me’

Greg is so pleased about the results he’s been able to achieve at BMF that he regularly recommends BMF to co-workers and other fitness fanatics.

“It’s hard to paint a picture of what BMF is like, because no other club or fitness studio out there compares to it. But the guys I’ve brought here all agree the classes here kick your butt. In fact, I have one guy coming with me in April, because he wants to get shredded for a beach party we’re going to in May. At the end of the day, I like to go to bed knowing that I have exhausted every ounce of energy I have. BMF allows me to get there, 100 percent physically exhausted, knowing every day that I gave it my all,” Greg says.

From fitness junkies to newbies – BMF helps members get fit faster

Whether you are an avid exerciser like Greg or have recently dusted off your sneaks, BMF can help you reach your fitness goals, often much faster than other fitness studios or big box gyms. (Check out BMF’s Yelp reviews to hear what other members have to say!)

You can even give one of our group personal training classes a whirl for FREE!

If you live near our Plano fitness studio, come see us. We’d love to learn more about you and your fitness goals and help you get fit and stay fit for life.


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